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Google Maps shows its rainbow side with Toronto Pride Parade details

Google has announced that it will be showing its rainbow colors in support of Toronto Pride this Sunday, July 3rd.

As part of Google Maps' support for Pride in 16 cities around the world, Toronto's Pride Parade will highlight the route, as well as traffic information around the area, this coming Saturday. According to Google, it is a part of the company's "mandate to bring temporal events to life and provide people with the most up-to-date, accurate, and useful information, so they can make the best decision on where to go."

As you can see, the parade route will be highlighted in Pride's traditional rainbow hues, and traffic be diverted around the busy areas until the chaos has cleared on Sunday around 5pm. The specialized routing will begin showing up to people in the Toronto area on Saturday, July 2nd.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • They did this for Chicago's pride parade last weekend. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, I meant first in Canada! WE'RE IMPORTANT TOO!
  • WE'RE IMPORTANT TOO! as in "we" Canadians, homosexuals, or Canadian homosexuals? As a straight man, and damn proud of it, am I important too? May I freely and overtly express MY orientation without being labeled a Notsee or something like that? May people like me have the same airtime on this site if not proportional to our population - wouldn't the latter in particular be the politically correct thing to do?
  • We as straight men are free to express our sexual ordination any where we like which is NOT the case for homosexual people who are often meet with violence (right here in the US) and even arrest in most parts of the world. Wake up idiot! Maybe just feeling a little insecure today buddy?
  • Straight men don't go out of the way. Posted from Nexus 6
  • They don't? Your girlfriend/wife must hate you... I am often seen holding my girlfriend's hand in public and also known to give her a kiss regularly which I literally see other straight people doing every time I leave my house.
  • Going out of the way means having a parade. Everything is equal now which I support. Enough already. This is the thing, liberals will never be happy, always on to the next thing. Posted from Nexus 6
  • Nothing in your life is harder because you are straight. To pretend you are put upon because the world doesn't celebrate your heterosexuality is ignorant at best. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Your response of my comment makes no sense. Posted from Nexus 6
  • Seriously? You think our need for parades has suddenly ended? When people are still getting beat up? When hateful comments are still posted on the Internet? Seriously? But even if those things were not the case, these parades are our cultural events many of which are in June to specifically commemorate the birth of the modern day gay rights movement in 1969. If the USA can still have parades to mark the birth of independence, then so can we. If the Irish can have St. Paddy's parades, then so can we. If things like MLK parades and Tet festival parades can take place, then ours can too. Heck, they even have parades for strawberries and roses of all things. Let me know when all those stop and then we can talk.
  • "Everything is equal." LOL
  • Don't even try to make sense man. These are the same people who after the gay nightclub got shot up by a radical islamic terrorist they went after law abiding American citizens ability to defend themselves. The second you even dare criticize radical Islam the good liberals come out and call you a racist. Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.
  • No. We said why was this terrorist able to legally buy a gun? A conversation that will continue. I've never called anyone a racist on this issue either. I support your right to protect your family. But I don't support guns in drunk citizens hands. Or in school teacher's hands. Though I certainly support armed guards in both places.
  • Do you think "Magic Mike" goes out of its way to express straight male sexuality? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Looks like I just triggered someone. You say "Wake up idiot!" do you? Hey, you forgot to say "it's <the current year>!". BTW, you just called me a demeaning name and intimidated me. Please read the TOS. Moderator, are you there? Does anyone else notice those who get aggressive or otherwise emotional in some way, do not back up their stance with logical argument but rather shout (!) are usually on one particular side of the political spectrum?
  • Emotional? Shout? This the same guy who started his first comment with "WE'RE IMPORTANT TOO!"? I did make a logical argument unlike whatever your mostly unreadable nonsense you posted was... Thank for playing dude.
  • Look at what you wrote and see if what I wrote about lefties and liberals apply (the shouting, the name calling, "unreadable nonsense", claiming to be logical when in fact trying to pass an emotional argument). BTW, "WE'RE IMPORTANT TOO!" is a quote from the second post in these comments and is from the author of the article.
  • I got attacked by gay police and gay government, because I'm straight. :/ in year 2200. Posted via the Android Central App
    for LG G3
  • Of course Google would. #NWO #Bilderberg #SunValleyConference #Agenda21
  • WAKE UP SHEEPLE. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can we turn that stupidity off, just highlight in blue like always and stop playing PC police?
  • Can we stop complaining about stupid things?
  • That Agenda21 nonsense is still going on lol? I myself am waiting on Martial Law thanks to Obama. #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • Why do I have to know if you are gay? I thought everything is equal now. Before you attack me I'm all for gay marriage, but should be left up to the states. Posted from Nexus 6
  • What are you talking about? What does Google pointing out a parade route in Toronto which is relevant to someone using a real time road map app have to do with someone expressing they are gay which no one is talking about? No, states should NOT be deciding what rights certain people should be entitled to... That should be uniform across the nation.
  • You didn't read the headline, guess not. Posted from Nexus 6
  • I did? What's your point?
  • What color is it? Do some research for me, because I'm lazy. See if Google has ever color coded a 5k run for prostate cancer or breast cancer. I actually hope they have. I'm sure they have. They better of have. Posted from Nexus 6
  • Yes so? That is what is bothering you? It seems like the rainbow route was no brainier to me. Maybe this will be a trend for other future events? You insecure a little or something?
  • Mr. Obummer is destroying our country. Decisions are made at your house, then your town, then your county, then state, and finally country!! Not socialism throughout! #Hillaryforprison
  • You are a day late and a dollar short on the whole state thing. And should not be state by state. That is dumb. So if a married gay couple get transfered to another state they are suddenly unmarried? Heterosexual couples don't have to put up with that crappy situation so why should I?
  • Federal government should never gotten into marriage in the first place. The only reason why they got into it was basically they didn't want African Americans marrying whites in the 1800. And then they made it to where you had to have a license to get married. And yeah it should be left up to the states. Sent via Tandy Color Computer
    before you see the light, you have to deal with the darkness
  • No it shouldn't for the reasons I outlined. It's easy for a straight or white person to say it should be up to the states as I have heard so much from people when they in no way are threatened. A lot different story for gay people or people of color. A patchwork quilt of marriage laws would make absolute zero sense. I shouldn't have to worry about which state considers me married and which state doesn't and you shouldn't have to worry about that either. But why are we even discussing this? It is a done deal.
  • Why does AndroidCentral think this is even newsworthy? If there is a "straight pride" or "traditional family day", will Google do the same and will AndroidCentral report it?
  • Nah, those days are every day. Posted from Nexus 6
  • But there isn't a parade everyday.
  • If it is every day, then Google and AndroidCentral must enact it, and not just implicitly but rather with EXPLICIT mention of heterosexual orientation EVERY DAY just as this article explicitly does so with homosexuality. Otherwise, one get the misleading impression of the relative prevalence and social value of hom0 vs heterosexuality. Fair? Yo, I'm gonna win this argument.
  • Yo, you did win it. I envision you saying that with a Philly accent.
  • Toronto actually, same as where this parade of the current topic. I was just doing a parody with the Yo. Didn't realize it was Philly.
  • It is, no worries
  • Agree Posted from Nexus 6
  • There is no need for a "straight pride" parade BUT if there was one? I am sure Google would have to mark the route as closed roads are relevant to a real time maps app. Android Central reports on what Google does which is kinda the whole point of this blog to answer your question on why this is a story.
  • I'm sure they would, but what color would it be. They would probably just say it was a parade, not what kind. I know for sure AC wouldn't have a story on it. Posted from Nexus 6
  • I am sure AC would have a story if Google did something to recognize it and the whole thing would have even more media coverage because a straight parade would be totally ridiculous.
  • The Internet is actually buzzing with something about national heterosexual day or something along those lines. Which I'm all for :) It seems more and more that being a straight Caucasian male brings about negative stereotypes and such. Posted via a still buttery smooth nexus 7 2013 .
  • I am a straight Caucasian male and have no bad feelings about it and to be honest enjoy my unfair privilege (live in the Northeast of the US). Sorry your life didn't turn out like you would have liked it and it's struggle for you so have to blame others. Really I am... BTW What Internet do you use? I see 50x more racist and homophobia comments than negative things about white guys.
  • "Unfair privilege" . So do you actually walk around every day feeling guilty? Posted from Nexus 6
  • Really? My comment wasn't clear? I recognize it exists BUT stated "...have no bad feelings about it and to be honest enjoy my unfair privilege". You literally just had to read the 12 words preceding what you "quoted". #facepalm
  • Why are people so butt hurt over this? These tech companies proudly support gay people. If you don't like it I guess you shouldnt use there products. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The ones who get their fweewings all butt hurt are lefties. When that happens, they start shouting and screaming instead of challenging your argument with rationalism and reason. As soon as they do that and maybe call you a name or 2, then you know you've won the argument because they are not attacking the argument per se - because they can not. If there is one difference between liberals and conservatives, it is this emotional vs logical , ideology vs rationalism, censorship vs reality orientation. I recall some time ago there was another one of these pro homsexuality articles in a Mobile Nation site, might have been AC again. The very first comment and many thereafter were from a few posters screaming in the written sense to not criticize otherwise it is hateful to do so.They like to shut your free speech with that hate thing. Silicon Valley is as lefty as mainstream media. Example, just in the last month alone, the 2 biggest get caught red handed: (manipulates newsfeed) (maniplates search type ahead to favor Clinton)
  • Nice Posted from Nexus 6
  • You say all butthurt are lefties than you complain and become butthurt. So aw what is it? Like seriously, I wager you people are the equivalent of SJW's #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • I'm so sick of the phrase "butthurt" Posted from Nexus 6
  • Same but oh well. #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • I'll debate you with rational reasoned thought anytime. Particularly on this subject. Bring it!
  • Hey homosexuals, liberals, Cultural Marxists, SJWs and assorted other lefties, thanks for downvoting my post more than any others here. Keep them coming. I consider it an honor. An - by you is a + for me.
  • You can enjoy all the down votes you want, meanwhile us gay people will enjoy our equal rights and I will continue to enjoy my marriage. You know...the things that actually matter in life. :)
  • May you be happy. And I mean that.
  • Hell, if I took that stance I wouldn't be able to go to movies or listen to my favorite music. I can only take so much Ted Nugent and Eagles of Death Metal. Posted from Nexus 6
  • These tech companies also embrace sharia law. Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.
  • Source? Citation needed.
  • What's the APA citation format for something pulled out of one's own backside? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Really? Look it up yourself Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.
  • You sir, are an idiot. Blackberry Priv
    Nvidia Shield "Portable"
    Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • The only websites in search results are from whack job conspiracy websites who also right about "chemtrails" and "government mind control" and stuff like that. Blackberry Priv
    Nvidia Shield "Portable"
    Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • Wow! There always has to be that guy who must prove he is the dumbest of the group.
  • Thank Google we have Google! Hehe :) [via Android Central App on Nexus]
  • As usual there are people complaining -.- Like seriously are people this easily triggered and offended? And by colors ie a Rainbow. They need to get their priority straight and let it go ~>°_°~> #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • Where's the coverage of every Jewish parade in the USA or the world? Most persecuted people in history. Posted from Nexus 6
  • It's not worth it man. You're just going to get labled a racist and a homophobe. Rodeo time, time to get er on down the road.
  • There isn't a coverage of Pride Month on Android Central. So why would there be for the Jews who control the Media. Yup I said it #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • They have their own country.. Blackberry Priv
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  • So when will a moderator remove every post here and lock if down before people go midevil and all rainbow brite over each other Posted via the Android Central App on a BlackBerry Z10
  • Moderator knows exactly what will happen. New around here? Side note, Marlin 5.5 screen
    4gb ram
    Revised SD 820
    Bottom firing speakers
    12mp rear 8mp front camera
    BATTERY 3450
    Rear fingerprint
    HTC rumored specs next Nexus Posted from Nexus 6
  • Marlin Guide Gun 45/70
    405 grain hard cast
    1600 fps Newish, but been on CrackBerry for a while. On the Marlin, I'm just dreaming Posted via the Android Central App on a BlackBerry Z10
  • Oh the admins at sites know exactly what will happen. They love it which may explain, apart from perhaps genuine belief, why these bait articles appear once in a while. They want this to continue escalating just short of violation of the usual so-called hate speech laws. More participation and viewership of user generated content means more....
  • Look at the number of comments here after only a day, particularly in comparison to norms. Website operators love it. Will that provide positive reinforcement for them to post more bait articles?
  • As long as Google maps alerts me of a gay accident on my drive route I'm ok with that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is the best comment here.
  • Gay accident? Is that like when you have something stuck in rectum?
    That can happen to anyone :D Posted via the Android Central App
    for LG G3
  • Certain types of piercings might get stuck in awkward locations Posted via the Android Central App on a BlackBerry Z10
  • My acquaintances in the medical field, particularly the one who have worked in emergency wards, related bizarre cases, e.g. a lightbulb having to be carefully removed from the rectum lest it shatters into sharp glass fragments because it was being used as a pleasure tool and the bulbous head got stuck, massive internal damage from a broom stick because the user had it in their behind while rocking back and forth then accidentally slipped, etc. Homosexual engage in ultra-hedonistic activities, sexual, substance abuse, etc. far more than normals. That explains their proneness to social, medical and other types of issues. They themselves bring it on. It isn't because of conspiracy by normals.
  • This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on this page. "Homosexual engage in ultra-hedonistic activities, sexual, substance abuse, etc. far more than normals." - This is stereotyping and offensive. Also, what the H is NORMALS?
  • Typical lefty "that's the most ridiculous", "are you kidding me?!", etc. Their name calling and yelling as ad hominem attacks rather than challenging one's arguments with facts and logic. It isn't stereotyping if empirical data backs it up. Search for "homosexuals engage in more risky behavior", "....substance abuse" and the likes. I agree it may be offensive to some. You have a problem with that? A "normal" is obviously someone unlike yourself.
  • Statement on my position regarding homosexuals: As participating members of society, they have liberty to engage in lifestyles of their choice without persecution. This condition is already in place, at least in the West. The right is limited to not being a danger to others For example, there is.far more pedophilia among homosexuals. They have no business going into schools ostensibly to show their humanity in order to actually promote their lifestyle to impressionable minds as being good and natural. It is neither. They have no extra civil rights above and beyond that which is common. Private sector entities such a Google, Facebook, Target, etc. may engage in favoritism but should realize they are subject to marketplace reaction, even if retaliatory. I think any decent person among us normals would agree to most or all that?
  • "They have no business going into schools ostensibly to show their humanity in order to actually promote their lifestyle to impressionable minds as being good and natural. It is neither. " Homosexuality isn't natural? Tell me, when did you choose to be straight/"natural"? It would be great to further educate children to understand that homosexuality is normal, "natural" and not something to be ashamed of. I don't think me (a homosexual) being in ANY school is any more dangerous than a goddamned chair being there. It's bigotry like this that suppresses homosexual kids into self-hate and shame. Do some research. We are born this way. -Think about it, who in the world would CHOOSE to be homosexual growing up? All the bullying, physical danger, emotional abuse - it sure as hell doesn't sound like a "lifestyle" someone would choose to me. Myself and my THREE gay brothers were born as homosexuals. We all feared to be who we are because of bigots like you and you should be ashamed. I hope all of your kids are gay.
  • Ah, the first triggering. And it look major. Excellent. Welcome to my trap. Read the context of the of that statement you isolated. It's about homosexual adults going into schools as advocates under the pretext of promoting tolerance. It does occur in the US, Canada and probably elsewhere. You focus on that one statement, claiming further in your argument that it Is bigotry. Does a bigot say things like "liberty to engage in lifestyle of their choice without persecution"? Oh I'm sorry, you call anyone a bigot who doesn't completely agree No I am not ashamed nor fearful of being called a bigot when saying tolerance ends at this point. Am I bigot to block access to homosexuals pushing their agenda onto my kids? Oh, I'm sorry again. That is bigoted isn't it if I don't "tolerate" endless demands, the complaining, that tip the balance ever more in your favor. But you see about the name calling and yelling so characteristics of those with leftist agendas? You see how they get emotional rather than trying to persuade with rational argument and empirical evidence as doe the right-wing? (No, the "right wing" is not totalitarian fascist. That's what lefties claim when in fact, it is they who are the Authoritarian Personality that is Projecting itself.) As for whether homosexuality is normal, that's an easy one. Consider the situation where all members of a species are homosexuals. There would be extinction in a single generation. Trust me, you don't have to tell me to "do some research". No, it is not natural. It is an aberration of nature. Aberrations do occasionally occur - that's why they are aberrations. Because it is an aberration, homosexuality ought to be part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, ie. declared as a mental illness (go ahead, take my flame bait). As an illness, help may be provided if rehabilitation is desired although to my knowledge, there is not yet a cure. That is mainly because homosexuality, if organic in nature and not a learned Pavolvian response type fetish, is not yet sufficiently understood. As individuals with illness, specifically because they had no control over how they were born, they ought to be tolerated, even sympathized...unless they try to deliberately "infect" others with their illness. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. You should be free from threats not specifically because of homosexuality (that's my "no civil rights above and beyond that which is common") but rather as a general right granted everyone, regardless of what provoked the threat. In other words, existing laws for assault or threats thereof are good enough. Or are you talking about your feelings? Sorry, society owes you nothing in that regard. Only totalitarian regimes will go that far and it comes with a great cost.
  • No One is born gay. You and your brothers chose that lifestyle. It is NOT normal. Basic physiology comes into place here. Bottom line is we were made to reproduce. Not really possible with two penises is it. Sword fight maybe but not much reproduction there. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Some species of geese engage in homosexual behaviours, as do many other animals. Do they "choose"? Blackberry Priv
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  • Dogs will also exhibit the same behaviors, can they reproduce? Smh Posted via the Android Central App
  • Homosexual advocates use some behaviors interpreted in some animals to assert "naturalness". Further, it is probable that zoologists who make such interpretations have a political motive. One only needs to look at the now discredited bisexual Margaret Mead who heavily influenced anthropology for decades. I say "interpreted" rather than purely "observed" because, in that article even with the well known pro-left bias of Wikipedia's editors, causality or motive of such behavior is classified homosexual by the human observer. A cursory examination shows that most of the animals in that list are showing a form of group bonding or "friendship" behavior. Others are dominance hierarchy (as in hyenas), mateless bird brains who have to pair anyway they can if they can't find an opposite sex partner, do so to "adopt" young aiding in overall species propagation, in vitro (artificial) conditions where the animal is given a stimulus close to natural, ie. pushed to it for whatever reason they experimenter had in mind. On the latter point, animals in captivity, including household pets, display greater homosexual and masturbation behavior than among their counterparts in the wild - meaning it's not natural. In the wild, nature is cruel when it comes to aberrations. It will quickly remove them simply because of perpetuation of the species. Humans, with our moral sense, can be more flexible. There is thought that homosexuality has an organic basis. If that is at least partially the case, then the issue of free will comes into play. That has deep legal and moral implications. On that note, I'd clarify a part of the "Welcome to my trap" post above. I wrote "As individuals with illness, specifically because they had no control over how they were born, they ought to be tolerated, even sympathized". It could have been better articulated "As individuals with illness, specifically because they had no control over how they were born, it is HUMANE to tolerate them, even be sympathized. However, because homosexuality is a mental illness (an aberration or accident of the way nature intended) , affected individuals are recommended to seek treatment if a cure is ever found. Recommendation is not force." I'm surprised no one has yet tried to tackle that "trap" post. There ought to have been a lot of triggering material. Come on SJWs, debate me.
  • Add: Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud also expressed their sexual inclinations in their profession. Once enormously influential, like Margaret Mead, their theories are now discredited let alone related controversies in their personal lives. But look at the social damage caused, not the least of which is the breakdown of the stabilizing effect of the conventional family.
  • I should have been home schooled? Because there was always at least one gay in my school! :)
  • Hey guys, help me out here. It's not like I can't fight dozens of them attacking at the same time. That's easy and has been demonstrated numerous times here already. I always win arguments with a liberal. But I have a life outside of debating on AndroidCentral. Happy Canada day, fellow Canadians, whatever your sexual orientation. And you Yankees too on your day on the 4th.
  • Nah, I'm basically 75 percent libertarian. You have gone to far. You are on your own as far as I am concerned. Posted from Nexus 6
  • Yeah, as soon as you start sprouting homosexualality as "unnatural" and not "good" (it sure as hell isn't "bad") you become someone not very popular in society. You can't "choose" what gender/genitalia you are attracted to, it's intuitively wrong. Attraction is a biological thing, and you can't choose what you get a boner/ladyboner over, that stuff happens in your subconscious part of your brain. Attraction is not a voluntary thing, nor is it a concious decision. You can bring politics into it, but in this discussion it has no place. Blackberry Priv
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    On the right hand side, click the link to Marriage privatization. It dovetails into this gay marriage controversy. From my "statement" posting above: "As participating members of society, they have liberty to engage in lifestyles of their choice without persecution." Homosexuals ought to be thankful of libertarians like me for acceptance of DIVERSITY of opinion. I am not libertarian enough for these homosexuals so they call me a bigot. They have to accept that TOLERANCE works both ways. Homosexuals, third wave feminists, and SJW's may comprise 10% of the population but make 90% of the noise. Seems to me they are authoritarian, the opposite of libertarian, like all lefties. That makes more sense for a line of reasoning I won't get into at this time. (Libertarianism is a right-wing philosophy, the real right-wing, not their duplicitous PROJECTION.)
  • Ignoring the fact that Wikipedia is your source, the reason no "SJW" is "taking the bait" is because we disagree with the fundamentals of your arguments. Arguing is not going to get anyone anywhere as we are all fundamentally opposed. Blackberry Priv
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  • Wikipedia, particularly anything that can be given a sociological or political spin, is controlled by people like you. Yet it backs up my arguments! If in disagreement and fundamentally opposed, all the more reason to take the challenge, is it not? Oh sorry, forgot a SJW just gets all hissy in debates it finds opposition (debates where there is opposition, ha!) before slinking back to its safe space. "Arguing is not going to get anyone anywhere as we are all fundamentally opposed." is so self-contradictory, I don't know whether to ridicule or pity whomever said it. Oh, did I mention I always win against liberals? It's not necessarily because I'm a better debater but my stance has intrinsically cogent arguments. SJW is an extreme version among millennials, but all liberals are essentially Cultural Marxists and might as well be called American Bolsheviks. As SWJs are fond of saying without providing as much as a single pointer, "do your research"! Cultural Marxism, like Economic Marxism - its ancestral counterpart that has ruined much of the world, is fundamentally flawed. Hence I always win. (The term "liberalism" was hijacked in the mid-20th century by Cultural Marxists. The real liberalism is actually a philosophy originating in the Age of Enlightenment with John Locke as its first major figure where the central tenet is freedom from tyranny. The American independence movement of the 1770s, for example, was based on this real or classical liberalism. Modern "liberals" are tyrannical and authoritarian with all their political correctness. Therefore profane they drape themselves in that word, is it not?) Where opportunity avails, I do my little part to retake society back from Cultural Marxists (and their allies in the LGBTQ and third wave feminist communities), and repair the enormous damage they caused. Hey, Mobile Nations sites, more politically charged "tech" articles like this!
  • Wikipedia is also controlled by people like you. Conservatives are always the first to turn a social discussion political by crying "SJW" or "Liberal" or, heaven forbid, "SOCIALISM"! Jesus Christ, the Cold War has ended man. I don't understand how not arguing when the two parties are fundamentally opposed is a contradiction. It ends like this one; one party feeling all high and mighty and a heap of sledging from both sides but no actual progress made other than self satisfaction and an inflated ego. So yeah, clear that one up for me. Nobody cares about your perceived win streak. That's just pandering to your own ego and has no place in a discussion. Do you even know what tyranny is? If you think a bunch of left-wingers yelling about homophobia and discrimination is tyranny then you really are retarded. Considering Liberals tend to seem to want to look after all members of society, not just the well-off then I struggle to see any tyranny. You need to come join the rest of society in reality. Blackberry Priv
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  • When it comes down to it, you think I'm some bullshit sprouting liberal and I think you're some bullshit sprouting conservative. Neither of us is going to change eachothers minds with politically charged arguments with questionable sources (and I honestly can't be bothered doing this anymore) so I struggle to see the point of this. I'm out. GG Blackberry Priv
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  • Aw, I do hate the label "conservative". Liberal, socialist and SJW are what you call yourselves, so I oblige even though the origins of the first term (as explained above) is in stark contrast to the way modern, so called liberals really behave. As for socialism, Herbert George Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell and other Fabians would be rolling in their graves knowing what became of their movement. No, shame on YOU post-Bolshevik socialists! SJW-ism among some of the millennials - I don't even want to touch! Either way, I just take whatever viewpoint is common sense. Now if that is called "conservative", so be it. But it's really mix and match from tree-hugging to views on LGBTQ. Unless common sense and conservatism are the same thing. I did say my views are more consistent with libertarianism. He said he's out of here. Didn't I say I always win? Even when outnumbered. They're hissy mad fighting until realizing who they are up against. Then they feign tiredness rather than fight on to uphold principles like a true "conservative". As the rest of you lurkers become more familiar with the issues, you'll realize it IS common sense.
  • You call THAT mass of verbal diarrhoea a "win"? Cool cool. Do you even know what the point of a discussion/argument is? Probably not.
    As for tiredness, it was literally 2 in the morning, get of your high horse. Blackberry Priv
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  • Didn't you say "I'm out"? LOL, couldn't resist? Welcome back (and so instantly too from the time stamp)! Thanks for the bellicose and boorish insults and name calling - just confirms what I pointed out about lefties.
  • The LGBTQ had their annual parade here in Toronto earlier today. I'm genuinely happy for them. Now, they had better not get any more than that, apart from universal rights. But they are entitled to "their day". It' actually a 2 week long series of event in this city culminating in the grand parade. As usual, there were virtue signaling politicians (even our pandering, metrosexual, "weed" prime minister Justin Trudeau, the Hilary Clinton of Canada, showed up, imagine the POTUSA dropping stately duties to show to up in New York or San Fran), opportunistic corporate sponsors seeking additional marketing outlets, and coverage to great fanfare by the media where there is strongly disproportionate homosexuals and lefties. In addition to the extra map highlighting (the subject of this article), Google itself had a link on their start page, Be who you are. Love who you love. #prideforeveryone, to another wonderfully designed page showing its support for LGBTQ movements worldwide and called for expansion of that special interest group's rights, no, PRIVILEGES. Okay fine, they had their day but when straights and family advocates have theirs, all of the above HAD BETTER DO THE SAME! As an aside, I know this will happen:
    For those who would argue there is no need for a straight or family pride celebration, then why not, you had yours didn't you? Being their underhanded attempt to suppress such movements, the usual reasoning provided is something along the lines that it is baseline and normal (which it is), that it is superfluous. Then by the same, national days and some other secular statutory holidays fit the criteria therefore should not be celebrated either. If however, they represent the predominate values of a community, they must be with regularity in order to reaffirm those values. And this just in:
    There was an altercation in which the Black Lives Matter Toronto franchise (local opportunists really, Caribbean types for the most part, exploiting the movement's popularity in the US) blocked the parade, demands including more prominence of LGBTQ Blacks in the community and affirmative action appointments in leadership. Pride Toronto administration gave into every demand within 30 minutes. A few years ago, there was conflict between pro-Palestinian and Israeli supporters in their community regarding one of the floats. The latter faction, supported by the general Israel lobby, won of course. The coalition is falling apart, with the most aggressive and uncompromising factions always coming out on top.