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Google Maps reportedly working on adding 'Google Store View'

Looks like Google Maps might be getting ready to move its Street View feature indoors. Search Engine Land was told by NYC store Oh Nuts that it was visited by a Google rep who took picture inside every six feet in all directions. Products also were snapped.

It'll be interesting to see exactly which (and what kind) of businesses are featured in Store View, if and when it's released. On one hand, it's cool to be able to see the inside of a new place before you give it your patronage. On the other hand, shooting the interior of, say, the Victoria's Secret on Fifth Avenue is bound to raise a few eyebrows. But presumably that's all being worked out. [Search Engine Land via Consumerist]

  • I can't picture many stores would allow this.
  • Cool, but ever since I've used Bing Maps, I never looked back to Google Map much... Why? See details:
  • Great way to case the joint.
  • That was my first thought too
  • A "google rep" lol how did they confirm this? Maybe it was just a creeper!
  • WOW. This is really creepy. What store would allow it?
  • OMG Google is Big Brother!
  • oh, for some reason i though it would be live video of the store. this doesnt seem too bad...
  • That's it. I'm inviting Google over to start up a basement view. The old fishtank and foosball table are things everyone needs to see.
  • Can't wait for girls locker-room view to come. =P