Google adds localized graphics support to the Play Store

Google has released today on its Android Developers blog information about localizing graphics for Play Store listings. It's no secret that Google Play is quickly expanding its reach to many new countries. Part of making the expansion to new markets successful is targeting promotional materials to specific countries. Along with offering localized translations of apps and descriptions, developers can now use different graphics and promotional materials depending on the country the user is accessing the Play Store from as well. Developers could now, for example, offer a different splash page for a country or region's holiday during a certain period, or offer language-specific graphics in each region which the app supports the language.

Google notes in its blog post that a full 2/3 of app revenue in Google Play now comes from outside of the United States, making it clear to developers that this is something important to pay attention to.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Ok, as long as you let me set which country I want in settings.
  • Well the Play Store knows what country you're in when you access it.
  • That's probably exactly what the OP doesn't want.
    An override option would be nice indeed.
  • I just want my damned carrier billing option back... :-\
  • "Google notes in its blog post that a full 2/3 of app revenue in Google Play now comes from outside of the United States"
    And yet Google still insist on releasing apps for US only and restricting other apps outside the US (have you tried Google Now and Google Voice Commands when you set your location to the UK? it's useless, most stuff doesn't work!)
  • well what part of the uk are you from? maybe its just your accent? I live in the midlands and it has no trouble understanding me?
  • Too true.
    While Google Now is an incredible piece of software, it's totally useless outside the US.
  • In my country (PY) is usefull in a half part (GNow). For now is enougth. But I need to use many tricks to buy media content (from GPlay) (vpn, exterior currier billing address, etc). It is a shame not to be easily accessible to paid services.