God of War has passed 10 million sales worldwide

Kratos screaming
Kratos screaming (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • PlayStation exclusive God of War has surpassed 10 million sales.
  • It is the first title in the series to reach this milestone.

During Sony's investor relations (IR) day 2019, the company revealed that Sony Santa Monica's PS4 exclusive God of War had surpassed 10 million lifetime sales worldwide. This comes nearly one year after the game's release, and one week since the Raising Kratos documentary was released on YouTube, detailing its long development.

Though we don't know exact sales figures, this is the first title in the series to surpass 10 million units sold. The IR day 2019 presentation highlights a graph that showcases PlayStation's increasing franchise strength through God of War, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. From the looks of it, God of War (PS4) more than doubled God of War II's sales on the PlayStation 2, and also saw a significant increase over God of War III.

God of War never received any DLC — the idea was scrapped for apparently being "too ambitious" according to Creative Director Cory Barlog — but it appears to have done just fine without the extra content padding out the experience. If it were to have released, Barlog believes it would have justified its own separate release like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Given its strong sales, it's hard to imagine that Sony wouldn't want a sequel. Its Santa Monica studio surely has ideas in mind, but for now nothing has been announced.

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