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Gmail makes unsubscribing from pesky mailing lists easier in new web update

Google has just announced a new feature for Gmail web users that should make it a lot easier to unsubscribe to any mailing lists they might be signed onto.

In a post on the official Gmail Google+ page, the company stated:

"Now when a sender includes an "Unsubscribe" link in a Promotions, Social or Forums message, Gmail will surface it to the top, right next to the sender address. If you're interested in the message's content, it won't get in the way, and if not, it'll make it easier to keep your inbox clutter-free."

This small but rather cool change should allow for users to quickly find that "unsubscribe" link in mailing list emails and click on it. At the same time, Google points out that those emails might be less likely to be put into a Gmail spam folder. What do you think of this change to Gmail?

Source: Gmail on Google+

  • Does this mean that you don't have to open suspect emails to un subscribe? ?? spam
    If so...this is a very good addition
    Excellent Gmail. .long needed Posted via Android Central App
  • opening an email cant do you no harm unless you click links or download content (at least with gmail)
  • Have to be careful when clicking that "unsubscribe" button too, sometimes. It may take you to a site that looks like you are unsubscribing, but it actually only confirms that your email address reaches a real person, & then the spammers/scammers will sell your address as "certified".
  • this^ i heard that and i was like "those f%$#ing bastard/geniuses!"
  • This would be a very welcomed feature.
  • You mean like had a while ago?
  • Now all we need is the alias feature from outlook.
  • You don't have a traditional alias for an entirely new address but I think the gmail solution is better for stopping spam at least. Just use for any sites you sign up for. You don't need to pre register the address and if a company sells your address or they have a security breach you can bin all emails to that alias and see who it was. So if you sign up for android central with my name+android and they sell your details you'll know it was them and you can delete them all with a simple rule. Only issue is that some sites incorrectly think the + is invalid in an email address. Posted via Android Central App
  • real aliases are better for non spammy stuff I personally use aliases on for different stuff. Personal, Bills, Registration, etc.
  • wish could do this:
  • The same holds true for a period (.) anywhere in your username. Since gmail does not distinguish johndoe from john.doe or even j.ohndoe you can use any variation as a spam filter and it is not as obvious what you are doing.
  • I have yet to have that yourusername+ work any time I've tried it. I wish it would. I signed up for something a month and a half ago, had never had much of a problem with spam before and now, there are at least 100 a day and I know it's got to be from one of those I'd signed up for. And I sign up for so little, but there were two or three things that week, so I can't figure out who it was or I'd spam their contact us email!
  • Glad to hear that the spam filtering will be less aggressive. I have messages that I filter with my own rules but they still end up in spam.
  • Didn't they add this about 3+ months ago?
  • Ya, I have had this for months now.
  • Doesn't work with subscriptions in other languages.
  • Google read my mind, yet again! Can't wait to take advantage of this. Have been giving out my emails to get free moco gold and getjar apps. This is a welcomed feature. Posted via Android Central App