Gartner's Q2 numbers are in -- Android's huge

Gartner's Q2 2010 numbers are in, and the chart above says it all.  So do these.  And these.  And these, you get the point -- Android is showing unprecedented growth, all thanks to people like you and I who love the OS. Overall, the world's "mobile communication" market grew by 13.8 percent, but the competition (we love it!) drove the average price of a handset down (hey we love that too!).  Notable news from Gartner's report:

  • HTC debuts in the top 10 worldwide, with 139.1 percent Y-O-Y growth
  • Apple's iPad did not affect smartphone sales as much as was predicted
  • Android overtook iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) for the number 3 spot on the planet
  • Android overtook RIM (BlackBerry) to become the number one selling mobile OS in the United States according to Gartner

<fanboy>Worldwide -- look out RIM, there's a little green robot on your bum...and he bites.  Read the whole report at the source link, you'll like what you see. </fanboy> [Gartner Research]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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