Quest 2 update brings multitasking for everyone and sharing to iOS

Quest 2 multitasking
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What you need to know

  • The v39 update is rolling out for Quest and Quest 2 users over the coming weeks.
  • It adds multitasking features that were previously in the Experimental settings and a new landscape for the Home screen.
  • Users can also share links between the VR headset and iOS devices, a feature that came to Android devices in a previous update.

Meta revealed today what would be coming in the v39 update for Quest and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets. The short update will be rolling out to all users "gradually over the coming weeks."

The company announced in a blog post that multitasking will be available for all Quest and Quest 2 users with the update. That includes all multitasking features introduced over the previous year, which required users to opt-in through the "Experimental" settings menu to enable.

Multitasking also received a few quality-of-life features such as being "able to select which window you want to restore when you click the corresponding icon in the Universal Menu" for multi-window apps like the Meta Quest Browser and making it easier to swap between multiple apps to the last opened window.

Meta Studio Mountain

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The update also adds a new "productivity-oriented" environment for the Home with the Mountain Study environment. Now users can choose between the original Studio and the forest environment among others in the new “Virtual Workspace” settings tab.

Finally, the update brings the ability to share links from an iOS device to the VR headset. The headset must be turned on and Bluetooth enabled to enable the feature, hit the share button in the phone's browser, choose to open through the Oculus app, and select the headset.

The link will then automatically open in the headset after putting it on. The sharing feature was first introduced in the v37 update, but was only available for Android devices.

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