Gameloft revises DRM, allows games to be redownloaded on new devices

Good news if you're someone who someone who plays any of Gameloft's Android games. Word on the street is that Gameloft has enhanced their DRM to allow patrons to re-download their purchased games on new devices. Previously, you had to go through customer service when you got a new device, but how times have changed.

Gameloft is also pushing out a number of other updates as of late, including launching their games on the Android Market (yippee!).  Realizing that the Market has always let you re-download apps you've purchased to new phones, this change to their DRM is both welcome and makes perfect sense.

The only thing you need to do to get yours games on your new device is a quick stop by the Gameloft website, but know that any .apk files you've got won't work as backups anymore.

So, how's everyone feel about this? Gameloft has some pretty cool games, and now that you don't have to jump through hoops to get them back on your new phone, does anyone think they'll consider purchasing where they haven't before? Or are you waiting for Gameloft to make things easy and actually use the Android Market?

Source: Droid Gamers

Joshua Munoz
  • After getting a couple of their games for free during their promotions and then being told I needed to buy them if I wanted any support or updates pretty much killed any chance of me ever supporting them.
  • I might buy from them now... I would rather go through the Android Market, though.
  • I would use the Android Market, you just can't trust Gameloft to NOT change their mind again. This is good news, but fool me once, fool me twice, you are not going to fool me three times.
  • never say never ;)
  • Better than ANY games on the market! Sandstorm is the best! They have out free games to demo just buy it.
  • I'm a big Call of Duty fan, and I'm sure Sandstorm is great, and would definitely buy it. but I won't support Gameloft until their games are available on the android market. sorry
  • Sandstorm 2 is on the market currently and has been for a little while. But it costs a couple dollars more than if you bought it directly from Gameloft... It's $7 in the Android Market, but only $5 directly from them.
  • hmm, i can't find it on my phone (dInc) or on I'm not sure I want to support these higher price practices on the market anyway.
  • It costs the same on iTunes as it does on the Market, which is good enough in my eyes. They're charging less for direct purchases because they don't get docked the market overhead. You can argue your opinion on that, but I find they're at least starting to treat their Android customers better. It's been my biggest gripe that iTunes pricing has often been better than even their inhouse android pricing.
  • This. Their iphone favoritism pisses me off. Why bother developing a game for a userbase if you're just going to burn them every time you have an iphone exclusive promotion and don't do something for android? Not inspiring much customer loyalty over here.
  • Exactly. We have/had to pay more for less, and get it 6 months later. I'm hoping to see a continued upward trend from this.
  • They have always been $7 on iOS, $7 from the Android Market and $5 directly from Gameloft. It also isn't lacking any features so I'm not sure where the 'we always have the pay more for less comes from'. We do have to wait longer, but at least that is diminishing and Fast 5 for Android came out 1 day after the iOS version.
  • Well since my buying spree lately iv'e bought 2 of their games and many for free.....i pretty much have all of their games for free....i didn't pirate them but i got them "Free".....but i started buying some apps like x-plane and asphalt 6, and a couple others so i would love to see them all come to the market....the hd ones that is....
  • yeah, and i already mentioned on their facebook page... if i bought a game (regardless if it was direct or through the market) i want market to recognize it as bought. if theres one thing i know is that i will not be buying it AGAIN through market (and for more $) if i already bought it direct. no thanx. they need to fix that.
  • There is no need to get them in the market. Just go to on your phone and login with phone number or email and download the apk of the game you had purchased. You can move to a new device and all their latest games can auto update themselves.
  • Yes, that is true, but then it defeats the purpose of having them in the market for redownloads (which is what the article is about)
  • Their system is kinda sucky... I haven't changed devices and the login method only recognizes 2 of the 4 games I've bought. So I copied the d/l links and paypal receipts to evernote and the apks to dropbozx in case I need their assistance, they said it will be no problem but I'm wary, if I login with a different browser like stock or skyfire (I bought them using xscope) it says I haven't downloaded any games from them.
  • Not for me to little too late.
  • Stupid question but I had a Palm Pre before I made the jump to Evo 4g, and I bought alot of Gameloft games on my Pre, will I be able to re-download those games on my Evo?