Galaxy S5 S Voice shortcut

Home button slower than expected? There's a simple fix

As we enter Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day, here's a quick tip that applies to many Samsung phones including the newly-released GS5. If you've noticed your home button being a little less responsive than you'd expect out of the box, there's a good reason for that...

By default the GS5 (and many earlier Samsung phones) have S Voice, Samsung's take on a Siri or Google Now-like assistant, set to activate if you double-tap the home key. That's great if you want quick access to Samsung's voice-enabled assistant at any time, but it has the side effect of creating a slight delay after you first press the home button, as the phone has to wait to see if a quick second press is incoming.

To disable this shortcut and have the home key respond immediately every time, simply fire up S Voice (through the double-tap shortcut or in the app drawer). Then tap the menu button in the top right corner (three dots) and find the "Open via home key" option under "Wake-up." This is what you want to disable for slightly faster home button response.

The difference in responsiveness is subtle, but noticeable. And after disabling the shortcut you can still find S Voice in the app drawer, or open it in other ways like through the Galaxy S5's toolbox feature.