Zero down promo

T-Mobile is running another promotion on new phone financing, with zero up front costs for some pretty popular phones. Starting today, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (preorder), the LG G2, the Galaxy S4, or one of a number of other phones without spending a penny today. There's even free shipping. 

There are some noticeable omissions, namely the HTC One, the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5S. These all still require a down payment in addition to the monthly fee. It's also important to realize just what you're doing here when you sign a contract for T-Mobile to finance your phone.

Using the Note 3 as an example, you can have it shipped to your door without making the first payment or paying for shipping — though you may have to pay some taxes and activation fees — but you'll be liable for 24-months worth of payments at $29.50 per month. That adds up to the full retail cost of the Note 3, which is $708. While this is a separate contract aside from any service for the device, the payments are both due at the same time and any cancelations of service make the total balance of the phone's cost immediately due.

It can be a good way to wean yourself out of the subsidy trap, if (and that's a big if) you have good T-Mobile service where you need it. For all the details, visit the source link.

Source: T-Mobile

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