Fring fraks Skype access, iPhone blamed

Yeah, so by now Fring users likely have noticed that Skype access has been pulled. And, you guessed it, we have the iPhone to blame. Fring recently updated its iPhone version, which allows cross-platform chatting (see our demo with Rene from TiPB) and sure enough, the gathering horde borked it for the rest of us. Here's Fring's official response, from its forums:

This is absolutely amazing. Since the release of our latest iPhone version yesterday we have seen a huge jump in fring video calling.So, to free up some room for more fring-to-fring video calling, we are temporarily reducing support to Skype. Be patient, we'll have some more updates soon.

These things happen, but surely just about everybody saw it coming. Anyhoo, hang tight, folks, and hopefully Fring will have things up and running soon enough. [Fring via Android Central Forums] Thanks to everybody who sent this in.

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  • Guess I wont be using Fring for a while then. Thanks for the update
  • true. I didn't use Fring for anything else besides Skype.
    I thought it was a little immature to put the blame on iPhone though. I don't like Apple either but to say it's iPhones fault is a little juvenile.
  • Technically speaking, in a sort of round-about way, it is. Not that it's Iphone's fault but the fact that the amount of downloads generated by iphone customers (i'm thinking) increased bandwith traffic and they would rather support iphone customers instead of android ones since it's only on android version that skype is no longer supported? Again, that's what I'm thinking but I could be wrong.
  • If Apple wasn't so controlling, they would allow this option themselves. But as they block even the most trivial of abilities, people have to look for third party alternatives to use their device as it was intended, but that Apple won't allow. So since Apple gave them the hardware to video conference, but decided to lock it down, its users are flocking to Fring. So ya, as with everything in life, this is completely and undeniably Apple, Steve Jobs, and the iPhone's fault. Down with Jobs!!
  • I would rather have skype access. Almost thought I was doing something wrong yesterday when I opened fring.
  • Indeed. The app is useless to me without Skype. I don't know anyone that has Fring on their phone, but I know a few people that use Skype on their desktop/laptop. That was my whole reason for downloading the app in the first place (to video chat with desktop Skype users.). I've uninstalled Fring for now.
  • I'm sure they will bring it back as a premium feature and start charging for skype access. Looking at the number of iphone and google users, it only makes sense from a business standpoint.
  • Ugh... That's annoying. Why not make it a premium feature if you have the iphone?
  • Facetime might not be better but it is definitely easier. Apple said that other apps would be allowed to access the front facing camera.
  • But I thought Facetime was sooooooo much better. I thought it just worked and no one needed 3g talk. So why did they all jump on Fring and Skype to the point it brought it down. Just another iFool myth busted. They want the freedom we have on this side of that garden wall. Abdomen surprised this was even allowed since it duplicates functionality.
  • So the iPhone 4 can video talk on 3g using fring ?
  • Yes. Fring-to-Fring via WiFi or 3G. I'm surprised that Apple allowed the app because it directly competes with Facetime and actually allows for calls over 3G.
  • Fring suddenly became useless. Plenty of other programs to access msn, google, yahoo, etc. Fring allowed me to go on skype and be on wifi. Pity. The thing is, I don't know if it's because I'm rooted but I couldn't find skype on the market place so I had to google the .apk and install it that way. Hopefully they fix what they broke.
  • The official Skype app is only available in the Market for Verizon Droid users due to an exclusivity deal. Anyone else would have to root/sideload it. Even the Skype app (as it is currently) is pointless for those wanting to video chat with desktop Skype users because it doesn't support video chat.
  • Well that freakin' sucks. 90% of my video calls are from Fring to Skype. Well hopefully the official Skype app that's supposed to be out later this year for will support video calls.
  • This makes Fring completely useless to me. Now I can't see my family from my phone to the computer via Skype when I am away. What a bummer.
  • My hatred for Apple has just risen to new heights... Hopefully Fring finds a solution soon.
  • Why is there Skype for Verizon Android and not for the other carriers?
    Can we use Verizon's Skype app?
  • I've been using Skype through Fring to replace sexting. oh well, back to still images. j/k. But this sucks. I'll re-download when Skype's back up.
  • Yeah just deleted fring what a shame
  • Wow, that sucks. The Skype access was literally the only reason I used that program.
  • This situation with video calling and alternatives is so messed up. It would all be solved if Skype got out of bed with Verizon and just made their software for all devices.
  • Currently, AFAIK, the mobile versions of Skype (on iPhone or the Android Verizon exclusive) don't do video calls. They're audio-only. It is Fring that allows for video calls and uses an add-on within it to access your Skype account. I think Skype is planning to add video chat to their mobile software, but until that happens (AND they allow it for other than Verizon and iPhone) Evo users are dependent on Fring for video calls to Skype desktop clients.
  • Just uninstalled fring. its useless now. Skype needs to open up their verizon only client to all android users.
  • Damn! It's bad enough the iphone suck so bad. Now it's rendered Fring usless on my Evo to talk with my wife and kids while traveling. If I had one of those iphones in my hand right now I'd rub it all over my balls!!
  • ATT sucks they put a cap on data on new subscribers.. haha ATT users.. plus evo is way better with a bigger screen .. I could see more on it.. not to mention u have to hold ur iphone a certain way.. haha
  • I checked my Sprint bill for last month and i used a little over 2 gigs. If I was with AT&T, it would have been an extra $10.
  • Why did the comments on this post devolve into juvenile commentary about Apple/ATT vs. Android/Verizon/Sprint? This misses the point. The loss of Fring for Skype leaves Android GSM users with no way to make Skypeout calls on an Android phone. Skype's exclusive arrangement with Verizon combined with Fring's preference for iPhone to iPhone video calls shuts us out. This has nothing to do with Apple vs. Android or ATT vs. Sprint vs. Verizon, etc. The fault here lies with Skype and Fring, both of whom are making clear that they have no interest in Android GSM users. That's the real story.
  • I beg to differ... I have an Evo, and I'm not looking to be "special". I just want a functionality I had enjoyed to continue to work. Get off your Apple rant, troll!
  • Wow, the idiocy in the comments section is astounding. Apples walled garden? Wanted to be a part of "our open environment?" Apple has always allowed 3rd party devs, and had open access to the front facing camera on day one? What does that have to do with anything? Fring is the failure here, they can't support all their users. Everyone with an EVO just wants to be "special"
  • Leave it to iphone users to screw up everyone else infrastructure.
  • Hooray for iPhone haters... Why is there so much hate for other OS's (specially iOS) in this particular site? I visit every other smartphone experts pages and the hate is not so bad like it is here... Even Phil himself gets a crack every now and then throwing stuff at iPhone lolz.
  • Just to point out that fring's curtailment of Skype access has messed up my use of Skype in spite of the fact that I a Verizon Droid customer and have the Skype mobile app installed on my HTC Droid Incredible. The Verizon Syke app lacks 2 essential capabilities: (1) does not work when wifi is enabled; (2) does not allow access exsively through Skype for domestic calls placed by SkypeOut subscribers. All domestic calls placed with the app are rerouted through the Verizon network and consume airtime (and potentially airtime charges) in spite of the fact that I have a paid Skype subscription which "guarantees" unlimited domestic calling at no additional charge. I am now looking into Nimbuzz as a possible way to restore the direct Skype capability I derived from fring.
  • Welpp...looks like there is no need for fring anymore. So dont have to worry about issues like this. and it feels great.
    Skype is available ->
    Skype App Available in Android Market
    Too happy