Forget Roomba, this is the robot vacuum company you need to follow

Roborock S6 robot vacuum
Roborock S6 robot vacuum (Image credit: iMore)

Let's get real here folks. I've been hearing people talk about Roomba robot vacuums since I was a little kid. Like how Kleenex is synonymous with tissue paper, Roomba has equally become the household name for any robot vacuum. But should it be? I'm not against Roomba, they create a host of good products. However, they also charge more than many other robot vacuum companies. If you're looking for a powerful robot maid that can help you clean your floors and has several smart convenience features while still being reasonably priced, you should really check out Roborock's line.

I absolutely love Roborock and use these vacuums in my home. The company creates powerful devices that do an amazing job of sucking up everything from dust to pet fur. Not only have I tested robot vacuums on both my hardwood flooring and my medium-pile carpets, but I also own a grey tabby and a corgi who never stop shedding. Because of that, I've seen how well these vacuums perform on just about everything. Here are some reasons why you should choose Roborock over Roomba.

Smart capabilities

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When it comes to smart functions, Roborock robot vacuums are on par with Roomba ones. The more tech-savvy ones can be controlled with apps, can map rooms, have sensors to prevent them from hitting objects or falling down stairs, can be set to run on a specific schedule, and can even be told to clean a specific room of your house or avoid it. As with any intelligent device, getting a Roborock that offers all of these features will cost more than a basic one, but they work beautifully in fulfilling their tasks.

By the way, if you're going to get a robot vacuum, I highly suggest getting one that offers mapping. As you can see in the before and after pictures above, Roborock units that map do so in a tidy, organized fashion. I love being able to leave my house, press the button on the app, and then come home to a perfectly vacuumed living room.

If you don't want all of these fancy smart abilities, Roborock also offers some less expensive units like the Roborock E25, that are still incredibly reliable.

Powerful suction

Roborock pet fur robot vacuum

Source: iMore Roborock dustbin filled with pet hair and dirt. (Image credit: Source: iMore)

Roborock vacuums do a magnificent job of sucking up dust, pet hair, and debris. Each time I empty a dustbin, I'm always surprised by how much junk it's pulled up from what I thought were my relatively clean floors. As I've mentioned before, I have both a cat and a dog that shed profusely every day. I've noticed that my Roborock units are some of the best robot vacuums I've tested for collecting fur from my carpets, hardwood floors, and various corners of my home. The suction of Roborock units is also powerful enough to clean up the kitty litter that spills onto the floor or the kibble crumbs that my dog drops in the carpet. This is something that I really appreciate since I don't have to spend time sweeping or getting down on my hands and knees to pick up all these little bits.

This is a little disgusting, but the other day my cat wasn't feeling so good and vomited her dry food on the carpet. I was in the middle of doing something, so I didn't get to it right away. When I was finally able to clean it up, I walked into the room where the mess had occurred only to discover that my Roborock vacuum had already cleaned the mess up (and had done a wonderful job, too). I just smiled to myself and went back to my day.

As with a regular vacuum, you will need to move cables and objects out of the path of the Roborock vacuums if you don't want them to get sucked up. That's just something you'd have to do with any robot vacuum, though. After all, while they're smart they're not perfect. Something else I like is that many of these vacuums, like the Roborock S6, come with small safety razors that store directly on the vacuum to help you cut hair or debris that gets wrapped around the brush. The brush is also removable, which makes it super easy to clean.

Amazing battery life

I've compared several robot vacuums over the years and Roborock consistently ends up having longer battery life than many other units. This means that these vacuums can cover more distance on one go and thereby suck up more debris in the process. This is great if you specifically need your home to be cleaned by a certain time. For example, before your dinner guests arrive for the evening.

Roborock S6 and cat

Source: iMore My cat keeps a wary eye on the vacuum while my dog hides in the backyard. (Image credit: Source: iMore)

All of Roborock's robot vacuums are compatible with the company's intuitive app, which you can use to check the current battery life of your unit. You don't have to worry about your Roborock running out of juice, either. They're designed to automatically return to their charging base when the battery reaches a certain percentage so they don't get stranded somewhere during cleaning.

What's more, many Roborock vacuums have a charge and resume feature. This basically means that if the unit's battery runs low while in the middle of cleaning, it will return to the dock, charge up, and then resume cleaning in the same location where it left off. You won't have to worry about it missing sections of your home. I don't have a huge house, but there is a decent amount of floor to cover. Knowing that a Roborock vacuum can reach most of my house in one go really makes using it more convenient for me than using other robot vacuums.

Better price point

If you compare any of Roomba's line of robot vacuums to Roborock's line, you'll usually see that the latter charges significantly less for a vacuum of the same caliber. For instance, the $500 Roborock S5 is on the same level as the $550 Roomba 960.

Roborock units are some of the most powerful robot vacuums I've tested.

Obviously, no one wants to spend more money than they need to, so you're typically better off purchasing a Roborock since they tend to perform about the same as Roombas of their level while costing less. As with any complicated device, you'll need to pay a significant amount of money for a decent robot vacuum and then the price exponentially goes up depending on the number of conveniences and smart abilities the unit offers. Fortunately, Roborock's devices are well priced and do an amazing job of keeping your home clean.

Suck it up

Well, there you have it. Roborock units are exceptionally good robot vacuums that perform just as well as Roombas. They offer powerful suction, offer a range of smart abilities, and seriously just make your life more convenient. I highly recommend you pick up one of these amazing devices if you don't have one already.

Pro-tip: I absolutely love the look of the black robot vacuums; they have a sleek and modern air about them. However, they only look good before they've touched dust. Upon use, my robot vacuums acquire a static magnetism that pulls pet hair, debris, and grime towards their casings. This shows up super easily on my darker vacuums. The white units, on the other hand, hide dust and pet fur much better. So, you might want to opt for a lighter option.

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