Firefox for Android grabs an update, brings support for mirroring to Chromecast

Firefox for Android has nabbed an update today, and it brings a whole host of goodies and fixes. The biggest new feature is that Mozilla's browser now supports mirroring to Chromecast, after initially gaining support for the streaming device back in October.

In addition to mirroring support on Chromecast, Firefox picked up a number of small features and fixes which you can find in the change log below:


  • Mirroring support for Chromecast
  • Added support for Prefer:Safe HTTP header
  • Wikipedia search now uses HTTPS (en-US only)
  • Public key pinning support enabled
  • Redesigned first run experience


  • Device Storage API enabled
  • ECMAScript 6 WeakSet
  • JavaScript Template Strings
  • CSS3 Font variants and features control


  • MP4 video playback on Android L

Known Issues

  • Flash does not work on Android L
  • MP3 files do not play on Android L

You can head on over to the Google Play store by clicking the badge above to check for the update and start mirroring all the things to your TV.

Source: Mozilla