FCC approves Dell Looking Glass tablet

Remember that Dell tablet that received its Wi-Fi certification last week? Well it now appears that it has successfully made its way through the FCC, model number M02M, as the Dell Looking Glass. The FCC spent a fair amount of time bonding with this Tegra-based tablet, and now that its passed through the FCC, it's a fair assumption that Dell plans on launching this baby soon. Listed on the device are UMTS 3G bands that are compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile's 3G networks, Bluetooth 2.1 (sorry, folks, no 3.0 here), and the same Wi-Fi specs we listed previously. SD and SIM card slots are also present, and it appears that it may even be able to handle voice calls based on the inactive proximity censor that is also present. I think this is as official as unofficial can get folks, so stay tuned! [FCC via Engaget]

Chris Kerrigan
  • Lol first hope dell brings window platform to the table
  • Dell sure is all hot and bothered about Tablets, aren't they? Lets hope this thing is better than the Streak.
  • Needs more bezel.
  • I like the fact that it supports both AT&T and T-Mo 3G bands. One table that can be used in either network, that alone got me interested, so if I wanna switch I can do so, but I wish it also supported both 4G's as well. I agree with fujii13, it needs more screen, the edges look too big. About moosc's comment...I could care less for the windows version. It'll be too slow, hot and require alot of RAM.