Facebook Messenger updated, with updated visuals and better support for ICS

That other Facebook app, Facebook Messenger, just received an update that among other things is supposed to make it play better with Ice Cream Sandwich. 

The visuals have also been updated, and while not a major update, things do look crisper all round. They haven't totally bought into the ICS way of things though, as on the Galaxy Nexus for example, the menu button is still the 3 little dots next to the onscreen buttons. 

So what else do we get then? Faster ways to start conversations and group conversations -- faster than using the full bore Facebook app that's for sure. Hitting the + button brings up a list of your more recently contacted friends, and right at the top is the "new group conversation" button. 

Otherwise, we're treated to the usual smattering of bug fixes, and performance and battery life improvements. We've got the download links for you after the break.

Richard Devine