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Review: Golla Gavin Phone Wallet

The Golla Gavin Phone Wallet for your Sprint Evo 4G lets you carry your phone and other essentials with you conveniently in style at your hip right where you need it. For a phone as beautiful as the Evo, I hate to put a case on it, so keeping it protected safely in a pouch is perfect for me. As an added benefit, a phone as large as the Evo completely takes over any pocket you put it in, so this gives you a pocket back as well as adding a few storage slots for the other things you need with you at all times. Hit the break for the full review.

The wallet is made of durable polyester, so you get a nice bit of protection in a hip pouch that is also very light. If a little bit of dirt gets on it, you won't have any problem wiping it off with a wet rag or throwing it in the washer with the rest of your laundry (take your phone out first!). The inside of the pouch is soft, so you won't be scratching up your screen while you're carrying it.

Let's talk about storage. There are three slim pockets to carry credit cards, driver's licenses, or your gym membership card that are easy to get to right under the top flap of the wallet. On the back side there is a zipper right up against your hip to store your cleaning cloth, extra cash, or your headphones where you can forget about them until you need it. I like to carry my USB cable in there, but that's probably just because I'm paranoid that I might need it and not have it.

Now for the important stuff. The Evo 4G fits perfectly into its pouch. At first it's a tight fit, and it takes a few times of putting it in and taking it out before you get it just right, but by the end of my first day using it I had no problems with it. What starts out making you think it's a tight fit ends up giving you the feeling that your phone is snugly situated in a pouch that it won't fall out of. The Velcro top flap could close a little bit more firmly, but I can't say that I ever thought it was going to flop open throughout my daily activities. 

So in all, how did I feel about the Golla Wallet? I loved the convenience of having my phone at my hip. The style turned out to be not quite what I thought when I saw it in the store, so make sure you take a good look at my pictures. There are plenty of styles of Golla Bags, however, so you'll still be able to find one if the Golla Gavin Phone Wallet ($16.95) isn't for you.

  • Great idea. I have been using my wallet for 12 years now, it might be time for a new one. I like that is both your wallet and your phone case in 1 unit. Forgetting one or the other when you leave home/work is very inconvenient. I have a little mantra I repeat whenever I leave a place like home/work/restaurant/etc, "Phone, wallet, keys. Phone, wallet, keys. Phone, wallet, keys". It helps me prevent losing anything, getting this would reduce that to two words!
  • haha great, so now it will be "Phonewallet, keys. Phonewallet, keys. Phonewallet, keys"
  • I too wanted to replace my wallet with this, but was not able to. The Gavin Wallet just couldn't hold all my essentials and money at the same time. And, I trimmed down from what I would normal carry. None the less I still use this wallet and like it very much. I don't use it everyday, but on days when I'm going to be away from the house all day it comes in very handy. In the back zipper part I carry two extra batteries and a cleaning cloth, obviously I carry the phone and then in the front I will stick any ID I will need quick access to. Love it, deffinatly recommend.
  • Hmmm wonder how it would fit the DX
  • It will not fit the DX. If I recall correctly the DX is taller than the Evo and the Evo is a nice snug fit.
  • Do you think it'll fit the EPIC 4G?
  • Personally I think the Epic will be a little to thick. You just have enough room to get your fingers in to pull out the Evo.
  • My old phone(s) would zap credit cards, demagnetize the strips if I kept it next to my wallet, or a card in the same pocket as the phone. Is that not the case any more with phones? I have the Evo and would hate to wreck credit cards again that way.
  • yea I was wondering is it a tight fit width wise or height wise or both. Nevermind I see now that height is def an issue with the dx.
  • I never thought that I would need something like this. I just ordered mine. This is a fantastic idea/product
  • Galaxy S fits in it fine as well, which should be no surprise since it's nearly identical in height and width to the Evo. Just wish they made one that was basic without the design on the outside.
  • sooo, that or a golla smart bag for my magic?(i like to put them in my pocket)
  • I just purchased one. I'm using a different Golla bag for my BlackBerry Tour, but my EVO (should) be arriving the same day as this case. Merry Christmas to me.