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Draw Something [Android Game Review]

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Drawing is a really funny thing. Most people fall into one of two categories: excellent or incredibly terrible. What better way to expose people and complicate the matters further than by forcing you to use your chubby fingers to draw crude, cave painting-like images with a friend, and then try to guess what the other person drew? Well, that seems to be the thinking at OMGPOP, because they made a little game called Draw Something that does just that, and it's all the rage these days.

The premise is ridiculously simple: pick a word from a list of three, try and draw it using different colors and brushes, then send it along to your friend and see if they can guess the correct word. Guessing is aided by the fact that your letter selection isn't infinite; on the contrary, you're only given a small handful of letters that aren't​ in your word, so as long as you can discern what you need, you'll be fine.

The three words you're given to choose from get increasingly more difficult, but the reward is also increased if your partner correctly guesses the word, too. There's a built-in incentive for trying to accumulate coins as fast as you can; coins can buy you precious bombs that eliminate letters not used in your word, or can buy you new colors to add to your palette.

You've got two options to create an account: login with your Facebook account or create a username. If you opt for the former, you can invite any of your friends from your friends list that is playing and start up a game. If you opt for the latter, you've got to add people by their username. In the sad event you don't have any friends to play with, you can also be matched with a random opponent, too, so you can still get your draw on. Either way, you can play against your friends on Android, or on iOS. Nice.

For a game with so simple a concept, Draw Something really strikes a chord with me (and everyone else, apparently). It's probably the social aspect, but there's something oddly rewarding about guessing correctly even though the drawing looked like something a pre-schooler would do. At any rate, it's fun as can be, so you might as well give it a shot. Missing, however, are notifications for when it's your turn. Booo.

Draw Something is 99 cents in the Google Play Store. We've got download links after the break.

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  • It's trivial to make your own capacitive stylus, which really improves this game.
  • Don't get me wrong, this game is addicting. But its an ios port. That's why we have no notifications and iPhone does. Really getting sick of that.
  • ...and that's why I hit the uninstall button on this one. What's the point if you have no idea when it's your turn? They really should have thought this one over before putting it in the Market...err, Play Store. But I'm with you, it's an addicting game. Great UI. Just useless w/o being notified.
  • Useless without being notified? Does your mommy still wake you up in the morning too? Why do you have to have things tell you the minute they are ready? Just open the app occasionally and check.
  • Most people don't want to have to open an app over and over again. If you read the comments on the Market, you can see that TONS of people complain about no notifications. When I discovered it had none, I didn't even bother to install it. I have better things to do with my life than constantly checking an app to see if it is "my turn".
  • Oh my god, you guys are retarded!!! Just check the app here and there, no need to check it every 5 minutes!!! i have better things to do with my life as well, that's why whenever I'm responding to a TEXT MESSAGE which I know you probably send about 100 per day even though your life is SOOO busy, I take 3 seconds and click on my Draw Something app. I mean how hard is it to touch your smartphone screen 1 extra time to check a game that you really like.
  • It would be nice to have a chat option, or the ability to go back and view past drawings.
  • I've been playing for a couple weeks now and I'm totally addicted to this game...I agree with Vonbane it needs a chat
  • I've been playing for a week or so and love it (when people actually play, not just write the word..).
    I wish there was a notification option however like. WWF/HWF etc. Kind of sucks having to log in every time just to see if it's your turn yet.
  • Looks fun. Question, is it cross platform? Can I play with my friends who have iPhone?
  • Yeah, it's cross platform. I play it with my iPhone owning friends.
  • Anything iOS. I have some friends with BlackBerries that have dusted off their old iPod Touch and bring them to work just to join in on the fun.
  • You shouldn't have any friends with iPhones. Friends don't let friends use inferior OS'.
  • I feel you. It's about half and half with my friends. You can lead a horse to water... :) But honestly, iOS has it place. I'd definitely recommend iOS for people who are not tech savy or are not very intelligent. iOS does a good job of dumbing everything down.
  • What a shitty troll you are.
  • He's not trolling. This is an Android site. Now that mclifford82 guy, on the other hand...
  • BTW - If you are cheap like me and still want to play, there is a free version as well. Search for Draw Free. Yes there are a lot of adds but I don't believe the paid version gives you any extra abilities.
  • The paid version gives you 400 coins and also gives you a larger word base. After playing the free version for only a couple days I started to see the same words over and over again. I paid for the full version yesterday so I will see if that improves.
  • Love this on the galaxy note, and usually people are very impressed with my drawing thinking how the hell I can draw that with just fingers, haha.....
  • I was just saying how Samsung should use this game in their advertisements.
  • I agree with the post above that wants to go back and look at history. I've been playing the free version for a couple days and I see mostly the same words over and over now. It's fun, but kills the battery on my phone REALLY quick. I dunno what could possibly be draining it so bad.
  • Yeah it murders my battery as well when I play but I usually only play at home when I have time so not a huge deal plus I love this game!!!
  • i would be an awesome app if it actually worked and didn't freeze and shut the screen off every minute.
  • I emailed the developers and they say notifications are coming but who knows how long that will take. This really shouldn't have been released without notifications first. Still love the game though.
  • This game is fun...for about 20 minutes. Then, the words start repeating (ok, ok...40 minutes with the paid version before they start repeating), the game freezes, matches end for no reason, and you realize that the object of the game is to buy more you can just draw more pictures. There really is no point to the game at all, and not sure why people are so fond of it.
  • whats stopping someone from just writing the word on the screen?