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Doodle Jump updated, now on sale until November 17th!

Aside from Angry Birds, I can only think of one other game that is as much fun (see: addictive) and that game is Doodle Jump. If you've been waiting for Doodle Jump to go on sale before you took the plunge in purchasing it, you'll be pleased to know that from now until November 17th it's available for only $.99 cents.

In addition to the sale, a total of four new themes (Jungle, Space, Night and Christmas) have been added. Most importantly, bug fixes to improve performance and correct a missing platforms bug have also been addressed. You'll find the download link after the break. Thanks Cameron!

  • Yes!!! I have been waiting for this game to go on sale!!!
  •'s no Angry Birds..and when ever I "die" prompts me for my name..yet I cannot enter anything in the text box=fail. EVO 4G
    Rooted (of course)
  • This game is pretty fun thanks i don't think i'll need a refund for this one.
  • I'm more of a fan of Abduction and Hyper Jump.
  • Unless you've played Cut the Rope for iOS, you haven't played a game that's better than Angry Birds yet... Can't wait till it comes to Android.
  • no problem hahaha