Does Pokémon Go work on your phone or tablet?

So Pokémon Go has had a bit of a rough start. Server problems, mostly. A hijacked APK. (Seriously, folks. Be careful out there.) Limited regional availability.

The burning question for most people? Will Pokémon Go work on my phone. Let's take a look at the official requirements.

Will Pokémon Go work on my phone or tablet?

Here's what you need to play Pokémon Go:

  • Android 4.4 and up: So you'll need to be running KitKat or higher. Niantic — the company that developed Pokémon Go — says that it'll support Android 7.0 Nougat once it's officially released later this year.
  • A strong internet connection: Seriously, this thing's going to suck down the megabytes. Pokémon Go is not an offline game. So keep an eye on your data usage, and your data plan. That means Wi-Fi only tablets aren't really going to work, since you have to walk around ... even adding in a hotspot is sub-optimal, since you need...
  • GPS and location services: Pokémon Go also needs to know where you are. So if you've got your tinfoil hat turned up and your location services turned off, this isn't going to work. If you are receiving GPS errors, head to our guide to learn how to fix it!

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That's it for now. Happy hunting!

Phil Nickinson