Best answer: Yes, at early levels Call of Duty: Mobile is going to throw bots at you. You'll fight mostly bots for your first few levels until they turn you loose on real players at around level 10.

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Call of Duty: Mobile has quickly become the biggest mobile game in the world, hitting 20 million players in just two days. However, many players have started to suspect that there could be bots in the game, helping new players find their feet when they begin.

As of now, Activision hasn't confirmed or denied the existence of bots in the lower rungs of the game's multiplayer mode. However, it seems like your first game is almost entirely against bots, which is a real shame for my 7.2 kill/death ratio. As you slide up towards rank 10, you'll steadily play against a few more players each time. After that, based on our rough experiments at least, you start having matches against only human opponents from level 10 onwards.

Robo recall

Putting bots into multiplayer games isn't a new idea. PUBG Mobile tosses you into against solely AI players for your first couple of matches to make you feel mighty. This method lets you get the hang of things before you go up against the veterans. It's supposedly going to be similar for Fortnite Season 11, which will put players in against bots so they can learn the game without being killed by a hyperactive 14-year-old.

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile have both been produced in collaboration with Chinese outfit Tencent. PUBG Mobile's bot players have been praised as a good way for players to dip in and learn the game. Honestly, Call of Duty: Mobile's bots feel similarly interesting. I didn't realize I was playing against bots during my initial free-for-all foray. It was only when I looked at the end of game scorecard that something didn't quite add up. I'm good, but I'm not necessarily that good.

So if you think you're playing too good to be true, you may be just stomping bots.

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Call of Duty Mobile brings all of the chaos and excitement of the console versions to the phone form factor, with plenty of modes, guns, and maps to choose from.

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