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Do you use Android TV?

Android TV interface
Android TV interface (Image credit: Android Central)

When it comes to smart TVs, you have endless options to choose from. Not only do you have to decide which manufacturer of the television you want to go with, there's also the decision of if you want Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, etc.

Or, you could just get a streaming box that adds one of those platforms to your old dumb TV. Your options are kind of endless.

Android TV is a great choice if you want something that'll tie in nicely with your Android phone and the rest of your Google account, and recently, some of our AC forum members got to talking about their top TV recommendations.

The Best Smart TV is Samsung 75" Class RU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV. Buy it and you wont regret.


make sure the manufacturing date and the model number of the tv is this year but not older than 2018. the problem with smart tvs is they go out of date after a few years and a lot of apps with no longer work. If you do an online search you will find a lot of models that dropped netflix, prime and some of the other major streaming services the last few months. Personally I would get a tv,...

me just saying

I would recommend you to gift LG Smart Tv Model: 65LB7200. high definition screen quality and clear sound :)


That got us to thinking — Do you use Android TV?

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  • Nah I don't even really want a smart TV. I have an Xbox and a couple of rokus. That does what I need to and if a TV quits I buy a new one and plug stuff back in.
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro (the old one with 500GB) and Nexus Player on 2nd TV.
  • I really wish tv manufacturers would release high end consumer monitors... No bells and whistles, no smart suite, a good number of inputs/outputs and all tech devoted to picture quality only. Let me choose my smart stb bc the tv will outlive it's smart suite anyway.
  • 100% agree. The "smart" side of your new TV will be obsolete long before the panel. Manufacturers do not put much energy into updating previous years models.
  • I ordered a Sony 55" A8G OLED TV a couple of days back which has Android TV so I'll be jumping into that soon.
  • I have had a Mi Box S for about a year and love it. Haven't had any major issues. Use it to stream Hulu, Netflix, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime (Sideloaded) and Disney+. Fantastic device for under $50. Easy to setup and the remote is great.
  • Hey Android Central. How did you get Android 10 on a LeEco tv? Since they aren't around anymore there aren't any updates
  • No. If I got a new TV it would use Roku. I would avoid Android TV because I don't want to give Google anymore of my info. They are an ad company. I don't use the "smart" part of my TV really anyway, though. I use external devices for the content. The software on my TV is simply used for controlling the picture and sources.
  • I only use my Nvidia Shield Pro (500gb). I've got Philo TV and Mobdro installed and all my TV needs are satisfied.