Do you use ad-blockers on your Android phone?

Ad-blocker (Image credit: Android Central)

Whether you're visiting websites through your browser or using a free app or game from the Play Store, chances are you see a lot of ads on your Android phone.

When handled properly, ads are a good way for sites and apps to be offered for free, but at the same time, they can be overdone to the point where the user experience is ruined. As such, some users go the route of using ad-blockers.

Recently, this very topic came up for discussion in the AC forums.

Can anyone tell me the names of apps like Adguard that will block in app ads? I was using Adguard , but then it started blocking me to where I couldn't use my data on my phone. Any help us appreciated.


I created custom filters in AdGuard Pro based on logs, and at one point I needed to first delete cache & data, then uninstall, reinstall - back to normal. Any app over time with lots of updates and changes might need the same.

Gayle Lynn

So I just played around with things. The private DNS option does work to some extent, but I did find a few ads that were not blocked by it that the app did block. I was hoping to uninstall the app, but I'm going to leave it for now.


Looking through that back-and-forth, it got us to wondering — Do you use ad-blockers on your Android phone?

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