Do you regret buying the Galaxy S20?

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 doesn't officially launch until tomorrow, March 6, but a lot of people have been getting their pre-orders ahead of time and been able to play around with the phone quite a bit.

The S20 is a darn good phone, but looking through the AC forums, a lot of our members don't have the best first impressions. In fact, some of them are already talking about wanting to return the phone.

Here's what they have to say:

I never regret buying new phones Especially Samsung ones since they have great trade in offers and pre order goodies, and retain value for the next trade in. From what limited time I have, the phone is feeling great to use. Still have to test out the camera. Love the almost flat screen, that's the biggest thing I'm liking lol


I decided to return my S20 ultra. It’s not a bad device, but for $1400 I was expecting better 5G performance, better in screen fingerprint scanner, and most of all better cameras. The cameras are the biggest let down for me. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Pixel 4 XL and I love the cameras on both. The S20 is not a bad phone at all, but for $1400 those particular shortcomings shouldn’t exist. I...

JD Moogan

I'm leaning the same way for mostly the same reasons but am going to give it a few days to decide. Other than night mode, I don't see anywhere that this camera is better than my Note 10+ and definitely not my 11 Pro Max and due to the focus issues it is actually not as good in many scenarios. Thinking that I'll return it and if it improves over the course of time repurchase it but right now I...


Mines going back. I have a Note 10+ and there is no compelling reason to switch over. The camera is very disappointing and not because it's bad. It's a good camera but It's typical Samsung processing with no real improvements. Samsung decided to spend time on gimmicky space zoom instead of double down on their camera software and leaping over pixel/iphone. The 120hz screen is nice but I...


How about you? Do you regret buying the Galaxy S20?

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