Do you prefer Google or Microsoft services?

When you get a new Android phone, it doesn't take long at all to see Google's overwhelming presence. There's Gmail, Keep, Drive, Sheets, Docs, and even the Pixel Launcher on Pixel phones.

It's no surprise that Google wants you to use as many of its services as possible, but it's not your only option for managing your digital life. Microsoft has just as many alternatives to everything Google offers, including its own search engine and voice assistant with Bing and Cortana.

A quick look through the AC forums shows that some people are pretty torn as to which of these services they prefer.

I'm an ex Windows Phone user. Since the platform has been killed I keep going back and fourth between Google and Microsoft. Here's why: You see, I don't like Google as a company. I don't like the way they do business, the way they try to force users to use their services by any means even if it means penalizing or bullying users (like what they've been doing with the new Edge). I don't like...


I agree that neither company is doing what is best for the users. Having to choose the lesser of two evils, on my mobile phones I tend to run mostly with the Google services and apps for the convenience and ease of use. My computers tend to be mostly Microsoft apps and services. As for data tracking, I choose the settings that I am comfortable with. As for web tracking, I install web...


Lol. I bounce between them myself. I just transferred my calendar back to MS again for the nth time this year. Lol.


I use Google for most of my stuff but I do use Microsoft for some other things (additional email, OneDrive, Office Suite, etc.)


What about you? Do you prefer Google or Microsoft services?

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  • A mix of both but Google can't be trusted to solely stick to their services or apps with their endless axe weilding
  • Mostly Microsoft because of Office 365 and OneDrive. I use Microsoft Launcher for tighter integration. I prefer Google for Assistant and Maps (of course) and also use Android Messages. I've long preferred Microsoft's apps and services on Android.
  • Mostly Google but Microsoft has some things that are still better for general use, like OneNote over Keep and Excel is still leagues better than Sheets.
  • Mostly Google. Use Outlook as a secondary email.
  • Microsoft when I'm able to choose... I would remove my Google services if I could.
  • Seriously Bing?! I don't even use Bing on the Microsoft Surface... As for Cortana (sounds like a failed dessert dish)...have you ever seen some one after they get hit on the head with a baseball bat? Yeah... that's Cortana...
  • I use Bing for the rewards. Xbox vouchers. Google doesn't give me anything. It is perfectly cabaple so can we grow up now?
  • I tried using the Bing, and I ended up bankrupt and homeless...🤔
  • Sounds like a you problem.
  • Yep. That too.
  • I use both Google and Microsoft services in equal measure. Both have peculiar advantages. For example, anything that need privacy, I go for Microsoft, but for general services I go with Google.
  • I use both. Microsoft primarily for work. Sheets is miles ahead of Excel in usability and its formula engine, but Excel is still the default standard for customers so there's no getting away from it.
  • Interesting that you believe Sheets is better than Excel. I genuinely don't think I've ever met anyone who thinks that.
  • Give me Excel any day. I tried switching to Google Docs and went right back to Office. I use Word and Excel regularly and Docs did not cut it.
  • I use Google because of the ease of use and the vast ecosystem of products and services, that are not only excellent, but also tie in with each other seamlessly. When everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) ties in together, life is just so much easier to live. Every product and service complements each other to near perfection. There is really no way to describe the connection other than a tree graph, because words can't accurately describe it. The amazing thing is that all can be done with one (ONE!) sign-in connection. LOL...even Google Keep is excellent. That little product is extremely useful, especially the OCR part. I know Microsoft is so desperately trying to copy Google and their "fans" want them too. Whatever Microsoft is doing, it's because of Google. They keep renovating all their products and services to match Google's. Back in the last decades (2000's), I did the whole Microsoft thing, or at least I tried to. I even bought (going down memory lane....) WebTV, Ultimate TV, Microsoft Router, Zune, everything.....Whatever Microsoft was selling, I bought it. Gone, gone, gone, gone.......gone, gone.....gone... Microsoft is just boring and they are not a very innovative company at all. Microsoft fans Is the privacy issue, something I am concerned about? Of course, but it's not a big deal. For all the value that I am getting for FREE, it's worth it, as long as I have control over the data/info that I am sending to Google. Last I checked, I do. Also, people have been kicking and screaming about this for almost a decade now, nothing has happened.
  • Microsoft. No contest.
  • I tried with Microsoft services for a few years with Windows Phone. I enjoyed using calendar and news and sports and one note and the new Outlook and OneDrive (SkyDrive :). Once I switched to Android I tried to keep my Microsoft services but it became frustrating with their whole account login process that involved the Microsoft account app and nothing worked as well. All of my sign in seem broken now and it asks me to merge instances. I'm all Google now.
  • Google without hesitation. I use their services and apps for most of my personal stuff. I don't have any Microsoft apps installed but I do use Outlook Mail at work and access it via Gmail on my phone. That said, on a related matter I am concerned about the future of Evernote and may eventually be forced to embrace OneNote which has improved over time but still doesn't fit my requirements as well as Evernote.
  • Both really. But recently more Microsoft than Google....
  • I would definitely go with Microsoft due to office 365 business services and apps (planner, teams, power bi). Apps like Bing and cortana are not recommended however the launcher they made is absolutely marvelous. Outlook is far better than google's mail client while I am really happy with the free 1TB onedrive for business subscription.
  • I use Microsoft services, even Bing. The only Google service I really use is Google maps, though I primarily use city mapper for public transportation directions.
  • I use Google services. I have had a much better experience with them and as an Ex-Windows Phone user, I'm just done with MS. Also most of the MS apps are awful and slow on W10
  • I prefer Google services for my own personal use, but must use Microsoft services for work. Google is definitely more consumer friendly, while Microsoft is so enterprise focused you never know when they are going to shaft you, like they did when they shut down Windows phones or reduced unlimited OneDrive to nothing. Most Google services just work better: Gmail, Photos (unlimited storage), Drive (unlimited if you use Google's formats), Keep, etc. I have been using things like Microsoft Word since they began, and with each update things get a little bit harder and/or become less functional, IMHO. Microsoft's online apps are better in that regard, but they don't compete with Docs, Sheets, Keep, etc. Just Google Photos alone keeps me in the Google camp--a killer app that has no equal.
  • I use a combination of both services. Since I switch between iPhone and my S10 fairly frequent I feel the combination works best for me.
  • for the most part Google, but i prefer onenote, word and the other slew of office products. and i do have a hotmail account still that i use time to time. it used to be a closer question when i had a PC , now i have a chromebook
  • Yes i am also trust Wondows mobile OS
  • Coming from Windows phone, I still use Microsoft products over Google ones. Prefer Google search engine over Bing though
  • I use a mix, Google for personal and Microsoft for work. Nothing beats Office; and although I use Gmail for my personal email, I prefer Outlook. I also prefer OneNote over Keep. Nothing comes close to Google Photos as an all-in-one photo manager and editor.
  • Microsoft everything... All day... Everyday. Have as much Google stuff disabled as my phone allows me to.