Is the VR dream that you can put on what amounts to a regular pair of glasses and be transported into a whole new world? The Dlodlo (pronounced do-do, don't ask why) V-One claims to be the first product of its kind that will do just that. Transport you into a virtual world wearing a fairly regular sized pair of glasses. I've been careful to say "claims to be" because as of the recent CE China event in Shenzhen, there was no working sample to put to the test.

The actual product will be launched in New York City at some point later in 2016. And while there are many, many questions to be answered, here's what we know about it so far.

The first thing is that the V-One will run Android. Dlodlo is building its own operating system for the glasses and it'll be based on top of Android Lollipop. They'll weigh 78g and are 16mm thick, which in both regards is higher than your average pair of sunglasses, but definitely not too big and heavy to be comfortable. They're a little odd feeling at first, possibly because they don't quite sit as nicely as a pait of glasses over the bridge of the nose. Equally, all I got to try on was a non-working prototype so it could still be improved.

You've got a focus switch for each individual eye, and Dlodlo wasn't too sure on how well folks who need actual glasses would be able to experience the V-One. But, they did seem to suggest that there will be something built in that may help them out. But we'll keep a big question mark over that for now.

You've got two microUSB ports on the glasses as well, one for charging and one for plugging in the D-Box.


While I didn't get to see one, the D-Box is an external interface that allows Dlodlo to expand the VR experience by allowing other devices to plug in to the glasses. It's essentially the size and shape (it seems) as a regular USB battery pack and with a microHDMI input you should be able to connect up your PC, games console and the like as well as generally improving the quality of the overall VR content that can be delivered.

There's also a microSD card slot and the D-Box has its own touchscreen interface.

So, there are definitely two sides to the V-One. Dlodlo seems to have plenty of financial backing out in China which means the chances are fairly high that it's going to eventually be a real, finished product. On the one hand its an incredibly exciting concept that we're eager to see for ourselves. On the other there are still plenty of questions to be asked, and lots more to be answered.

With a U.S. based launch event planned for later in 2016, hopefully we'll know everything soon enough.