Did you remove the Galaxy S10's screen protector?

Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Samsung Galaxy S10 + (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy S10 is still one of the best Android phones you can buy right now. It has a gorgeous AMOLED display with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, and on top of it, you'll find a screen protector that's applied for you out the box.

That's a nice touch for folks that want to keep their S10's display free from imperfections of any kind, but the plastic nature of the protector means it's prone to little scratches and marks.

Looking through the AC forums, it looks like people have removed it.

I still have the screen protector on mine. I registered the same finger twice. Mine works 100%.


I have the Whitestone Dome installed and never apply pressure.

Mike Dee

Went to Cedar Point last week and my screen protector is pretty ate up. All of the in and out of my pocket, plus adjusting it in my pocket so that it wouldn't get crushed in the tight fitting seats. Plus it's a non-healing screen protector so there are actually some rough spots now. I've been looking at it for days and I'm just about ready to pull it off. Gorilla Glass 6 you say... hmmm


Had to remove, fingerprint scanner works flawlessly without it on.


What about you? Did you remove the Galaxy S10's screen protector?

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