Dataviz Bringing Microsoft Office to Android

This is great news! DataViz, makers of the uber-popular and uber-good suite, Documents To Go is bringing their award winning mobileOffice suite to Android! So if you're a productivity beast or heavy business user, there's one more reason to test out Android! You'll have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files on the go with Documents To Go. We've heard nothing but good things from Documents To Go so be ready to download their software in 2009! 

Also, DataViz is bringing their Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client RoadSync to Android as well, so users of Exchange take note! Everything is expected to release in 2009, which coincides with Android Market being capable of paid applications. We don't know exact pricing yet, but one can expect a price near $29.99--a price that'll surely be worth it for any heavy business user.

[Office Mobility Blog via Phandroid]

Casey Chan
  • I hope they do a good job of porting office to the android os... Really looking forward to getting back activesync...
  • Ah, but does it do ODF?
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  • How long does DATAVIZ take to bring office for ANDROID? I'm eagerly waiting for this. Thank you.