Thanks to Google's 'new' plan to offer some paid apps for free on a weekly basis, you can now get A Dark Room for free from the Google Play Store. It's a text-driven adventure game that might seem unassuming or boring when you first start out… but just you wait.

The game starts in a black room, signaled by a black screen. "The room is freezing." You start a fire and suddenly the screen brightens up a bit. "A ragged stranger stumbles through the door and collapses in a corner." Well, it beats being alone in the middle of nowhere.

Your goal is to keep the fire going and collect supplies, as more lost wanderers stumble across your encampment as it slowly grows village. I'll leave it for you to discover from there, since this is one of those games you just need to experience for yourself. I'd compare it to Reigns in terms of its simple gameplay and unique style of storytelling, except solely relying on text and your own imagination.

A Dark Room features no ads, no micro transactions, no permissions and no data usages. It's only available for free for the next 7 days before it jumps back to its regular $.99 price, so don't miss out!

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