HTC One is purty.

The Android Central (and Mobile Nations) community is made up of countless awesome people. Sometimes I think that amid all of the phone talk, carrier discussions, debates regarding bugs and build quality, and general techy banter, people forget that real live actual people are behind those words on the screen. I think that's why I really enjoyed last week's contest for the AT&T HTC One. We decided the requirement for entry was to post a video of you doing your favorite hobby or showing your talent, and the entries were amazing!

Now, we couldn't judge these entries and choose who was the "best". It was never meant to be that kind of contest. So we've put all the eligible entries into our magical contest winner picker machine and you can find out the name of that lucky Android Central member is below!

The winner of a shiny new HTC One from AT&T is:


Congratulations Volkrik! We'll be in touch soon to get you squared away. Be sure to head over to the contest thread and check out some of the other fun hobbies and talents your fellow Android Central-ites have.

And if you didn't win this time, don't despair! We always have contests underway here at Android Central!