Cinematic survival sim Abandoned comes exclusively to PS5 this year

Abandoned Hero Ps
Abandoned Hero Ps (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • Netherlands-based developer Blue Box Game Studios unveiled Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim coming exclusively to PS5
  • Blue Box Game Studios promises a slow-paced, immersive experience that takes full advantage of the PS5's hardware.
  • Abandoned is currently set to release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim from Blue Box Game Studios, is coming exclusively to the PS5 later this year.

Revealed on the Playstation Blog, Abandoned story centers around Jason Longfield, a man who wakes up in a strange forest with no memory. Jason soon finds out that he was kidnapped and brought there for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, his main goal is to escape.

Abandoned promises to make full use of the power of the PS5, and will feature 60 FPS gameplay at a native 4K resolution. Blue Box Game Studios' goal is to make the experience as realistic as possible, using smooth character animations, few loading screens, and a highly detailed environment.

The game is also played in first-person, similar to that of the upcoming Resident Evil: Village. However, unlike Resident Evil games, Hasan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studios notes that "this is no fast-paced shooter in which you just run, aim and shoot. Abandoned requires you to hide and plan every shot before pulling the trigger. We want you to be nervous come each and every enemy encounter. "

In addition to using the system's processing power to produce high-end visuals, the team also plans on making use of the PS5's DualSense Controller. Making use of the haptic feedback and 3D audio, players will be able to feel every interaction in striking detail. Blue Box Game Studios hopes to create an intense and immersive open-world experience using every tool the PS5 has to offer.

Blue Box Game Studios plans to show off more gameplay details as they get closer to launch. With luck, Abandoned could one of the best horror games on the PS5. Currently, Abandoned is set to release exclusively on the PS5 in Q4 of 2021.

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