While Google did not announce this new feature officially, it has been discovered by many Chromecast owners who later posted their findings to sites like Reddit. The new feature now enables the dongle to accept commands via IR signals from TV remotes, thanks to its built-in hardware support for the HDMI-CEC protocol, which came with HDMI 1.3. It's been used before to turn on TVs with Chromecasts.

However, that also means your television must also support the same protocol in order for the new Chromcast feature to work. If your TV uses the older HDMI protocol, you are out of luck. Reddit users have confirmed that TV remotes can pause and resume playing videos on Chromecast apps like YouTube, WatchESPN, HBO Go, Google Play Music and many more. Other major apps don't seem to be working with the TV remote feature, most notably Netflix and Hulu.

Source: Reddit, Janko Roettgers (Medium)



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