This cheap accessory will protect your privacy if your webcam is hacked!

Yes, in case you didn't know already, your webcam can be hacked, meaning people can turn it on remotely and theoretically use it to film you without your knowledge. Scary? Most definitely, but how maybe people are actually concerned about this? Let's take a look at one famous example.

Mark Zuckerberg

Last year CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg posted this photo.

Look at his laptop at the left side of the photo, notice his webcam is covered? If you've ever seen The Social Network, you know Mark Zuckerberg has some personal experience with hacking, so at the very least this photo should confirm that it's a real issue.

How can I protect myself from the webcam peeping toms?

You could do the Mark Zuckerberg approach, and just use a piece of tape or a post-it note for over your webcam and it won't cost you anything; however, you could leave marks on your laptop or PC and it doesn't look very elegant.

Of course, you shouldn't do anything in life just because a famous billionaire does it, but I personally believe personal privacy is worth some minor investments and investing in an inexpensive webcam cover is a good idea.

Smooz Webcam Cover 3-Pack

These thin little metal cover stick right over your webcam and allow you to slide a shutter back and forth to expose the webcam or cover it up.

The Smooz Webcam Cover is minimalist in design and will cover almost any onboard webcam on most laptops and PCs, without covering any other sensors your computer may have located in the area.

Plus, for just about $10 you'll get three webcam covers, meaning you could install them on your PC, your laptop, and heck even your phone if you felt it was necessary.

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What about external webcams?

If you use an external webcam, you can find covers for those plenty of models out there. Alternatively. If you don't mind a little extra hassle, you could always unplug your webcam when it's not in use.

Do you use a webcam cover?

Are you worried about webcam intruders? Let us know if you cover your webcams by leaving a comment down below.

  • Just tape or a post it note at work.
  • I just put a little square of a sticky note over my camera. Cost......virtually nothing since I always have a pad of sticky's on my desk anyhow.
  • It's called electrical tape :P 2 bucks at home depot and can give some to friends
  • And can also be used for dozens of other things around the house.
  • Exactly what I use, electrical tape on every single laptop I have. Lol
  • I too use a small strip of insulation tape (or "electrical tape" it you happen to hall from the colonies) although I had no idea nor do I care that Zuckerberg does the same. It's largely futile though, the cameras on my phone are higher quality and certainly point at me a hell of a lot more often, yet remain uncovered. As the DKs said, give me convenience or give my death.
  • The other issue not discussed here is audio. Since most Webcams now also have mics, those can also be remotely activated.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers stickynotes with their logo on them for this purpose and as a fundraiser for a very good cause- everyone's privacy. That's what is use to cover my webcam. I go a step further and plug in a cut-off headset jack into the mic port of my laptop. This disables the built-in mic from possible hacker use. Both the sticker and mic plug are easy to see when they are in place and very easy to remove when I need to use the webcam or mic.
  • I don't cover my web cam, and I've never been too concerned with it. I probably should since I use my laptop at home in various stages of undress, mud mask, hair rollers, etc.
  • 10 bucks for something easily done with a piece of tape? mmm...
  • But it's a much cleaner solution.
  • If someone has access to your webcam, what it sees is the last thing you should be worried about.
  • I did tape for a long time. Then I upgraded to a small piece of file folder taped over the camera. Used the same piece of tape too . . .
  • Or just reformat your machine. If someone got into your webcam then there are a huge possibility that the entire system is compromised
  • That assumes you know you've been hacked.
  • True that. That is why reformatting should be done at least twice a year imo but I know most people can't be bothered by that.
  • Yellow Post-it note works for me. I started doing it after a friend mine showed me easily she could hack my camera and mic. I physically cut the mic cord inside the computer case.
  • Dont you get LED light when camera is on? Its specifically made for that reason, and I dont think you can disable that via software hack or something
  • Some of them can be disabled in software.
  • I don't use my webcam anyway so I sharpied over it.
  • I'll sell you a post it note for the low, low price of $4.99+taxes+S&H. LOL.
  • I have always wondered, is it possible for your cell phone camera to be hacked like that?
  • Yes.
  • Yeah, that is why I'm always concerned about any app that has access to camera and mic permissions. I found a few games that has access to those although the gameplay(based on the description, didn't download them) sure doesn't need those and most of them have 500,000+ downloads.
  • Yes it's possible, but you would have to knowingly allow the app to install, open the app, then manually grant it permission to use the camera
  • I made a "chair" out of a few Legos, put it straddling the screen, and a Lego man sits on it holding a little coffee mug. Makes me smile every time I sit down at the computer.
  • simile face sticker...who needs face recognition.
  • A hunk of Bluetack takes care of mine... 😄
  • You people are paranoid, unless your rich, a celebrity, or some hot chick, a person of some importance somewhere people don't care about the average users like the people here.
  • Yep, pretty much. Government spying, however, is something to worry about. We already know they read all our emails, text messages, and Internet traffic. They also tap our phone calls. What's to say they aren't also hacking our webcams? If they are willing to do the other things to us, I'm sure they are more than willing to do that too. After all they have to use that giant data gathering facility they built in the Midwest.
  • And for the most part we can't do a damn thing about it, yet we use the data collecting devices everyday... So when you finally decide to go a crime spree, go off the grid and leave your connected devices at home, lol.
    (Not advocating crime sprees). Seriously, we complain yet we were sold our or sold our selves with every terms of agreement we did not read. Hacks are not always hacks but more granted access. Shoot, I am more concerned with my friends and others invading and compromiaing my privacy with social media by uploading information and tagged photos of me... With location data and other tisbits of volunteered information... Seriously the gov or anyone else does not have to hack that much when everyone drops their drawers with no request for lube or compensation. Then we complain about being screwed.
  • Enough with the clickbait titles. Seriously. Duct tape.
  • Exactly. This site has nothing but click bait headlines lately. What a useless article. It's just an ad for a useless webcam cover that is no better than a piece of tape.
  • I couldn't care any less... I have never covered my cameras. If they hacked me, that's the last concern I have is that they see me... Or maybe a room. I am more concerned they accessed my computer/device and what other data. Besides, as much as I post videos of me doing random things... A little porn might be OK. Might just change my career 😉 Anything is possible and a hack is a hack... Shoot, who can you trust when all it takes is a flaw in one of your many connected devices.
  • If you have a work laptop with a camera, PLEASE don't use extra strength tape or something your IT guy will have to dig out of the hole for the next person who uses your laptop. I have spent too much time cleaning out someone else's paranoia from a laptop they don't own and will be reused.
    Use tape, use a post-it note, just don't use something that will ruin the lens or take 30 minutes with a pick and cleaner to clean out. Thanks, your local IT guy