We're used to expecting Android Phones around these parts so when a new non-phone device pops up that's running Android...well you're definitely going to get some attention. The NIMble Desktop Phone, which runs Android, is a device meant for places like your Kitchen Countertop or Coffee Table. It's designed by Mark Hamblin who was a Product Design Lead of the original iPhone touchscreen and sports a 624 MHz Marvel Processor, 512 MB memory, SD card slot, 2MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth (A2DP), etc.

The snapshot above shows some custom software that Touch Revolution (the name of the company) developed on top of Android. But no worries friends, the Android onboard is fully functional and ready to use. Pricing is currently at $300 or free with $10-$20 contract (not sure what that means, exactly). It's certainly cool to see Android pop up on different devices such as a desktop phone, but dude, where's our Android mobile phones?