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Canadian Galaxy Note 2s to receive multi-window update this Wednesday

If you've got a Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note 2, then you're in for a pretty big update this week. Samsung Canada's official Twitter account has announced that from this Wednesday the phone will be updated with the impressive multi-window feature that hit U.S. and European Note 2 devices late last year. As the tweet explains, the same update will bring Chinese language support to the Canadian Note 2 --

“TheNextBigThing arrives Wed for GALAXY Note II owners as we begin rolling out the Multi Window & Chinese language support update.”

Multi-window enables you to split the screen between two full-screen applications -- for example, allowing you to browse the web and watch a video on YouTube at the same time, or read your Twitter feed and chat to someone on Google Talk. We've already seen the feature arrive on devices like the Galaxy S3, so it's great to see Canadian Note 2s finally getting caught up.

Source: Samsung Canada; via: MobileSyrup

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  • Interesting... the multi-window app menu is on the bottom.
    My menu always shows up on the left.
  • You can drag the multi-window menu to any side of the screen.
  • @Alex Dobie How I never knew that is beyond me. Massive facepalm.
  • You can move it anywhere you want. Hold on small part of circle for 3 seconds and slide it at any side. I keep mine at right.
  • Really wanted this update until I got it. The fact that I can only use it for a small amount of apps makes it so I never use it. It's still cool though :/
  • Thanks, Akex and Zviera. I didn't know you could do that. Cjbrigol, the Verizon version is limited to a small number of apps but I don't think all carriers have that limit. Hopefully Verizon will roll out an update soon. Would love to be able to add more apps that I actually use.
  • Na, I'm on t-mobile and it's limited. It needs to be able to be used with any app. Certain ROMs allow you to do it, so why not the official samsung one? I'm rooted but I really don't wanna flash custom roms...
  • I'm still waiting for this update to come to my Unlocked International Galaxy Note (GT-N7000). I don't want to flash a custom ROM on this thing. Last I heard, those in Poland got the update.
  • Do the windows auto switch from top to bottom when keyboard is out. If i am typing in a search box in bottom window it will completely be covered by keyboard, or do the windows rotatate so u can see what you are typing
  • Right on cue... Note 2 updating as i write this. Yaaaaaay!
  • woke up this morning and it was there waiting for me to install nice to see they delivered as promised.