Call Informer brings more information to incoming call screen

Having a large contact list can be a little bit difficult at times as it is easy to confuse people, especially those with common names, or similar last names. Having the company name that the caller was from, or just some additional information about them on the incoming call screen would be great as it would help differentiate the people that are calling, and until now this was not readily available.

Jesta's Funhouse has recently released an application called Call Informer which allows additional information to be shown on the incoming call screen so you can have a better understanding of who is calling. Users have the option to add notes, company names, nicknames along with the city, state and country the caller is calling from. This information must appear under the inbound callers contact information in your Android device, and users can define exactly which pieces of information they want displayed.  For only 99 cents in the Android market, this is a must-have for anyone who has a large phone book.

This application has been tested on the Motorola Droid and Droid X but should work on other devices. If your device is not supported please send feedback to the developer so the development can continue!

Jared DiPane
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  • Wonder how much space you would have under a Picture with An EVO with Sense and that Curve Bar... may not work, not sure though.
  • The program does function on the EVO, however the print overlaps and is not readable...looks like it only needs some minor edits. I love the concept and hope they get it perfected soon.
  • @JaxDreamFunding: Did you try adjusting the Vertical Position setting to correct for the overlap? I realize the option may be confusing, but it is meant to set how far down the screen the info display is pushed, in dips (similar to pixels). Thanks for your input! I would appreciate if any of you could point me to examples of the incoming call and in-call screens for any phones you can (beside the Droid and Droid X, since I've seen those). This would really help me resolve alignment problems on these devices.
  • @I_Am_Incredible: That is a very good question. I was amazed at how hard it was to find pictures of the incoming call screen on various devices (I only have Droid 1). But the height of the text is adjustable by going into the Call Informer preferences in your app drawer. This should let you position the text under the Answer slider (or wherever :). Thanks! And to anyone else who is interested, i use this daily on my Droid, and I want everyone who uses it to enjoy it, so I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments!
  • Just installed on my Droid Incredible. Will let you know of any issues.
  • Oh, and @Jared and AndroidCentral: Thank you guys so much for the props! I love this site!
  • this app sucks , have tried before . uninstalled droid x
  • @cea1203: I'm sorry you had trouble; would you care to give me any information I could use to resolve the issue for future customers?
  • I love this app! As amazing as Google is, they seem to leave some obvious (to me) things completely out of their software. I have a ton of contacts and everyone is perfectly sorted in Gmail with tons of info, but none of it ever made it to the phone when I needed it. I had a bunch of people call me and all their vital info is now perfectly displayed under the contact picture. Jesta, it's like you read my mind on what I was looking for on the caller ID screen. Totally worth $.99 and should be built in feature in future Android versions. Thanks, and good luck with the app! Oh, and this is on a Droid X, so I have no idea what cea1203 is unhappy with.
  • @Topshelf: Your enthusiasm is appreciated! I felt the same way, that this feature should be in Android itself. I wouldn't even feel bad if Google added this to Gingerbread, and my app became obsolete. Thanks again for the encouragement!
  • Does the city and state show up automatically (something like City ID) or does it just display what is stored?
  • based on the wording in the article, I believe the info has to be manually stored in the contact info
  • @lesmchl and @jj1814: You are correct--the information is pulled out of your contacts as you have entered them. I could have made a Caller ID lookup tool, but there are many of those (my favorite is Area Code ID by Torev - com.torev.areacodeid on Market), and a CDMA phone (Verizon and Sprint, among others) cannot access the internet during a call to look up any information there. So I decided to go one step simpler. A benefit of this is that the information is as accurate as you want it to be (Caller ID lookups usually show the phone number's location, not the registered user's location). Thanks for the question!
  • Hello, I tried to install this, but for whatever reason, its not showing at all on the market. Droid eris with kaosfroyo v35-1.
  • @melsmed: I have had a couple of spotty reports of this. I have one user in Poland (rooted to gain app purchase capabilities), and he had no trouble finding Call Informer once he rooted. But after an update, he couldn't find it at all. Eventually (after trying several things), he reverted to an older firmware and the problem went away immediately. This tells me it could be related to the copy-protected apps issue in Market. I will keep looking for a better solution. In the meantime, you might look into Eris Market Fix on the Market. I've heard it may fix this issue on custom ROMs.
  • Cool app, I will give it a try on my Captivate.
  • Yet another company awaiting it's lawsuit from City ID ! yay patent trolls!
  • I have a Sprint EVO and the only thing I can get to show up is the 'No Info' message. It seems like the application isn't accessing my contacts. Any ideas?
  • @IslandTed Sorry for the delayed response... The best test would be to create a simple contact with name, number, and company name, then call your phone using that number. See if it shows up, and if not, send me an email (
  • i am using HTC desire and want to install this application, please send me link..................... thanks
  • @itmian Phil posted the Market link and QR code in the article, are those not working for you? Some users have had trouble locating the app in Market; I think this is because of country restrictions placed on Market apps. You may have luck using Eris Market Fix app (if you are rooted).