A Guide to Waterproofing Your Google Pixel

For most people, the Google Pixel's lack of waterproofing isn't a total dealbreaker, and most folks will pick up a Pixel or Pixel XL without giving waterproofing a second thought.

Then there are those of us who have dropped our phones in the toilet at some point or have a loved one who has (like a certain writer's wife), so we know the perils that can come from a not-so-waterproof phone. Even if you've had cell phones since the 90s and have never had a phone damaged by water, you might believe waterproofing your phone is just good sense.

And it is, just in case.

The Pixel's IP rating

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First off, the Pixel isn't entirely vulnerable to water. It has an IP53 rating. This means that it's nearly impervious to dust (5) and can handle light sprays of water (3), like a light drizzle or mist.

No phone can ever be called truly waterproof, since there's no consensus on what constitutes a "waterproof" rating, so the best any manufacturer or you can do is try and make your device water-resistant. Here's how to up your Pixel's water resistance.

For time's sake, I'll say "waterproofing" throughout this article, but I really meant "adding water resistance".

Get a water-resistant case

The most logical option for waterproofing your Pixel is to slap on a water-resistant case. This way you still get full use of your phone without having to hide it away from the elements. Here are some of the best waterproof cases you can get:

LifeProof FRE

The LifeProof FRE is your answer to protecting your Pixel or Pixel XL from everything. LifeProof claims these cases are waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof (from up to 6.6 feet), so you'll never have to worry about your Pixel — it's in good hands.

LifeProof's FRE is rated IP68 for ingress protection, which is as high as it gets, meaning that you'll have to work pretty hard to get any dirt or dust in there, and your Pixel would have to be submerged in 3 feet of water for more than half an hour to risk damage. Each case also passes the U.S. Military Standard test for drops and vibrations, so you'd be hard-pressed to rattle your Pixel's cage.

This is likely the best case for you if you're looking to waterproof your Pixel and protect it from whatever else might befall it.

For now, the FRE only comes in Asphalt Black and starts around $60.

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Grab a sack… A water-resistant sack!

Universal water-resistant phone bags are an awesome way to keep your Pixel totally dry and are perfect for folks living the active life or vacation. Water-resistant bags aren't a practical solution, so you likely won't use one every day, but for times when you're at the beach, hiking, or know you'll be out in heavy rain, they're excellent for keeping your phone a phone and not a brick.

JOTO universal dry bag

JOTO's waterproof bag is rated IPX8, which is as good as it gets for ingress protection. It basically means that your phone can be safely submerged in this bag for an indeterminate amount of time. JOTO even says it's good to 100 feet deep!

There's a clear window on the front and back, so you can continue to use your Pixel and even take photos with the case/bag on. These bags fit phones up to 6 inches diagonally, so your Pixel XL is good to go, but you might have to remove a protective case if you have one on already.

The snap and lock closure is easy to use, and while securing your Pixel tightly, it's easy to put it in and take it out without much fuss. There's also a handy lanyard attached, so you can secure it to your swim trunks or cargo shorts and off you go!

You might as well grab a few, since these are only $7 apiece.

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Best practices

If you don't feel like shelling out $90 for a LifeProof case and a waterproof bag doesn't really suit your lifestyle, then you'll just want to do your best to your keep your Pixel as dry as possible.

Don't take it out in the rain

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the urge to check a text while walking down the street on a rainy day can sometimes overcome you. Yes, the Pixel has an IP53 rating, so a little rain won't bring it down, but if you're looking to keep it pristine, inside and out, then keep it pocketed in the wet weather.

Bring a comic book!

Don't bring your Pixel into the bathroom with you. Yes, playing Two Dots on the can is a great way to… "pass" the time (badum tshhh!). Not only is it grody, but what if you're running a bath while you're on the John? You rest your phone on the edge of the tub just for a second so you can finish off and wash up. As you stand, your knee grazes your phone. Splash! Au revoir, Pixel.

OK, so maybe it's not that dramatic, but just leave your phone outta the bathroom and bring a comic book instead, huh?

If it gets wet, dry it off

That may seem like another no-brainer, but if your Pixel gets a little wet, wipe it down with a soft cloth or, at the very least, the sleeve of your shirt, especially if your phone's in a case. No, it's not likely that that water will get inside and do any damage, but do you want to take that chance?

Front pockets only

If you have to pocket your Pixel, make sure it's the front pocket only. There seems to be this trend (especially among women) of folks keeping their phones in their back pockets. My wife kindly explained to me that women often do this because their jeans aren't made with big front pockets because they're so tight. Fair enough. Put it in your purse or anywhere else that's not your bra.

If you go to sit on the toilet with your phone in your back pocket, you may just drop it in when you pull your pants up or down. Trust me. It happens. And you might have even just bought her an awesome case that was probably a little more expensive than cool phone cases should be, and when she got a new phone, she got the next iteration, so the awesome case didn't fit.

Front pockets or purses only (or jacket pockets or whatever; just no parking in rear)!

In summation

Your best option for waterproofing your new Pixel or Pixel XL is the LifeProof FRE, but if that's too expensive for you, get a waterproof bag for traveling, and just be careful otherwise.

Updated August 2017: The LifeProof FRE is still the only waterproof case for Pixel, but it's come down about $20!

John Daug
  • another title option: how to make that nice sleek new phone Ugly AF... personally, the lack of waterproofing and availability have me really down with the pixel. for that money it should at least be IP67! though after having my s7e for a while, i am not sure that kind of water proofing is something i ever want to live without again (peace of mind). all summer i was able to get in the water wherever with my kids and take awesome pics, even underwater!
  • +1
  • +2
  • +3
  • +4
  • So you telling me waterproof is what determine the price for the phone when the chip and OS are better improvements?
  • The chip is not a big improvement and the Os cannot be a Why it cost that much.
  • I would have liked the better water resistance, but now just know I can't be exceptionally reckless with my phone around water. So long as I'm reasonably responsible in managing a high $ piece of pocket electronics, it doesn't impact the day to day experience. When I look at value of comparably priced Android flagships, I find myself wondering how the heck they justify their price when they substantially delay (if ever) providing OS update which absolutely would improve day to day value for every user...
  • You think more people care about software updates than waterproofing? I think you got that backwards for the majority of people not reading Android blogs.
  • The average consumer won't know or care one way or the other, and will make their decision based on either sales rep recommendation, branding, or performance on actual tasks like taking pictures. It's a fault of some reviewers to not fully compare pros and cons. For those who do dig in, do you think they'd rather Google designed it differently and said 'hey, is as waterproof those others but we're giving up our right to provide you software updates and leaving that wholly up to a 3rd party."? Again, most consumers are generally unaware.
  • If the sales rep says this phone is waterproof but gets updates a few months later than this phone that is not waterproof but gets the updates faster do you really think the average consumer is going to care about the update speed more than the waterproof capability?
  • Maybe, maybe not - but in that instance, the salesperson is not being forthright with the customer, as the other 'flagships' aren't guaranteeing updates beyond the product's lifecycle, if any. Also, there's the whole definition of waterproof, which no OEM is guaranteeing - none of them are warranting against water damage, they've simply managed to achieve a level of certification that the phone should be ok if exposed at a certain level. Those facts considered, let's turn your question around:: If the sales rep is knowledgeable and fully disclosing the facts and says 'this phone is rated to handle water better, but neither will do anything for you if it does get damaged by water, but that phone is still rated to be water resistant (to a lesser degree) but is GUARANTEED to get software updates for 2 years while the first isn't guaranteed at all... do you think the average consumer is going to care about waterproof capability that's listed in specs but the manufacturer isn't willing to stand behind more than updates (not just speed, but a manufacturer guaranteeing to actually provide them)?
  • The average consumer doesn't care about OS updates. That is a simple fact. People who don't read websites like AC don't even know what OS version their Android has. It's all about the features. That's why Samsung is so popular, because their devices come full of features even if they are unnecessary and redundant.
    I live in a tropical country. That means that it can start raining at anytime of the day. It worries me a lot more if the phone that is getting wet in my pocket will survive the daily god damn tropical storm than if it will get OS updates ASAP.
    So if I would ever buy a friggin USD$600+ device just because it carries a vanilla Android it sure as hell should be waterproof to justify that price. Because timely OS updates isn't enough.
  • so just because they don't care that gives OEMs a reason to not provide OS updates? That is what you're saying.
  • For the amount of money spent of this device, it should have already been water proof...or at least water resistant.
  • Yep.
  • Considering it does have an IP rating and videos on YouTube show it being submerged for 30 minutes with no issues I'm going to say you will be fine. Or just ***** for the sake of it, either way.
  • Making excuses & saying people are just bit**ing doesn't change the facts. Ip53 is not good enough, should be ip67 or 68, for the money, and considering its primary targets are Apple & Samsung.
  • It is water resistant, not sure why people are still saying this.
  • Exactly.
  • I can't believe you guys aren't even talking about this: Google Pixel Underwater: Test Shows Phone By Google Lasts 30 Minutes Submerged In Water
  • https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=oIx-qKJdgWA
  • Yep, it survived 30 minutes submerged
  • Lets see that phone in a month or 6 months....
  • Probably cause it's bad info. The phone isn't rated to do this, having one anecdotally survive submersion for 30 minutes doesn't change that.
  • It's not the only one, this one lasted an hour https://youtu.be/YojQneS6Yts Though the speakers didn't fare quite as well. But they still worked.
  • Doesn't matter, it still isn't rated for it. It's nice for people if an accident happens and their phone survives, but if you submerge a Pixel and it dies, your warranty and likely any add-on insurance you bought are worthless.
  • Regular warranty won't cover it no. Add-on accidental damage insurance, yes. Would cover accidental damage which could mean dropping in water. But yeah I agree it's not a good idea to intentionally submerge it.
  • You could almost certainly get away with it by saying you dropped it, but if you take it into water like in these videos that's intentional damage and claiming would technically be fraud.
  • Yeah I understand the point and agree about intentional submersion. But even a higher IP rating doesn't mean a manufacturer warranty will cover water damage in those instances either. iPhone as an example. So do those phones get covered under an extended warranty for intentional submersion?
  • Just making the point that these videos indicate there is a good chance the phone can survive life's mishaps such as getting caught out in the rain using the phone, dropping it in a puddle (or toilet which weirdly seems to be a thing), getting it splashed on by the pool.... I think most people are looking for that type of water resistance when it comes to a phone. Now the people that want to use their phone while they are in the water swimming around and such, this isn't the phone for them. Did the phone get the rating it did because it failed testing at higher ratings or because of the design they didn't bother trying to get a higher certification? We don't know.
  • I don't think the warranty on any of the IP67(8) phones cover water damage either. I could be wrong.
  • No warranty will cover immersion damage on a cell phone. Samsung, Apple, doesn't matter. The rating doesn't change the terms. All the major carriers insurance plans will cover water damage to any phone, regardless of rating.
  • I don't know if that's accurate, but if it is all these ratings are basically meaningless. On insurance as I said, if you drop your phone into a bath or pool that's accidental damage, if you willingly put it there it's intentional damage and you're not covered. You might call it semantics, but courts call it fraud.
  • I don't think anyone is suggesting fraud. Those videos are an extreme and intentional to see what happens to the phone when it's pushed beyond limits. As I said, most people I believe are concerned with accidental water exposure.
  • Why would anyone purposefully submerge a phone? The pictures are meh. If accidents are covered it is a bonus for sure, but I am only concerned about the occasional splash from a puddle or something similar. I can't imagine why I would want to go swimming with one. I have seen the videos and am impressed, but let's wait and see if a follow-up video comes out and finds that long-term, submersion is not a great idea. Nevermind the fact that these seals breakdown over time, or because of heat.
  • Anyone that intentionally puts their phone under water.. Waterproof or not, should be slapped
  • First you said it was just "one anecdotal" occasion.
    Then someone show you another, and you said it doesn't matter.
    My Nexus 6 wasn't rated to be submerged under water either, yet there videos on YouTube that shows it survived for half an hour also.
    I put mine under water for 5 minutes then went on to use for 2 years with no issues.
    My point is, that you guys act like the Pixels will get damage with even a minimal contact with water, which is clearly not the case
  • Ah, my mistake! Two anecdotal examples DO change the rating! Good news, the Google Pixel is now officially IP68 certified! My point, my only point. Is that regardless of how many YouTube videos you watch or how many people tell you what their phone has been through, the manufacturer has given it an IP53 rating, and you should treat it as if it has an IP53 rating. I honestly couldn't care less what you do with your Nexus 6... Throw it into a volcano if you want. If you video it, you'll probably get lots of hits.
  • His point I think is that the phone is likely to survive an accident quick submerging. I think people should get over it. Ip53 is not there for nothing. Be happy
  • Friend swapped his S7 Edge recently as it fell in the pool and became non functional. These things aren't waterproof, just resistant. Just because they have the ip68 rating doesn't mean you should take them swimming with you.
  • i use my phone in the pool ALL THE TIME. S7edge. All summer. I let my kids take it in and have fun with it too. Never had an issue. Sounds like your friend just got a bum one cause ip68 means they should survive a quick splash in the pool no problem.
  • Depends, there is a good deal of difference between using your phone as normal while swimming and never having it submerged below about a metre and dropping it in the deep end of an Olympic pool and having it sink to five metres. Either way I wouldn't recommend it... Water resistance and chlorinated water resistance aren't necessarily the same.
  • yeah.. 5 meters is WAY passed the 5 feet for which it is rated.
  • Point is.. Taking your device into a pool just because of its ip68 rating isn't smart. These tests are done under a very controlled environment. They basically sit at a certain depth for a certain amount of time. They aren't tested in chlorinated or salt water, they aren't stress tested under water, they aren't run through temperature changes that occur going from air to water. That rating says that it will sit in water and shouldn't leak into the device for at least 30 minutes. Yes, you can probably wade around in the pool with no issues, just don't get mad if it fails. Always wash them off after they have been in salt or chlorinated water. Yes, I know tap water sometimes has chlorine, nowhere near the amount found in a pool.
  • Have had zero issues and its been done a LOT but thanks for the heads up.
  • Depends what you mean by splash? Samsung's documentation mentions that the S7/Edge shouldn't be exposed to moving water, waves, water from tap etc..
  • After owning an HTC Hero, Nexus One, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 5, 5X I never had a smartphone with water proofing and even thou I had summers, I went to the beach and lakeside, I texted and biked in the rain somehow I never had a problem.
    I really really don't get what's the fuzz about.
  • you need to try one that is and you will never want to go back. I thought the same too honestly. "waterproofing... WTF do i need that for" Its now one of my must have features. Peace of mind, and it really messes with people when you wash your phone off in a sink! lol
  • I can certainly LOL on freaking ppl out and understand the "piece of mind" argument. But honest question, how many times did actually happen that an accident happen and you were happy it was waterproof?
  • I would bet that only one accident is necessary for you to want your phone to be water proof.
    I mean, how many times would your home have to be broken into for you to want to buy a better lock?
  • I have never starved or had gone days without eating. I really don't get what's the fuzz about global hunger.
    I have lived in houses for ever 34 year. I have never been bombed or forcibly evicted by religious extremists. I really don't get what's the fuzz about refugees.
  • Apples and oranges dude. Certainly not the same thing. I'm taking about a superficial commodity (smartphones), not life basics such as food and shelter.
  • Not really apples and oranges. Just because something doesn't affect me personally, I can still easily see how it affects millions of others.
  • Yeah I watched it yesterday ... I'm still not going to be filming any underwater videos though
  • The back pocket isn't just bad because of the possibility of falling into the toilet. As a technician I explain it this way: How much do you weigh? Take that number and divide it roughly in half. Got the number? Ok, would you take a brick of the same weight and continuously put it on top of your phone? No, that's insane right? Then why is your ass any different? Doing this causes physical fatigue on the phone so that one day when you drop the phone, a drop that the phone SHOULD survive, it doesn't because it's structural integrity has been slowly weakened over time by the weight of one's own ass.
  • damn thats a GREAT point! Also a great way to explain it!
  • Hey you've never seen my ass!
    Have you ??
    D Block, 2003? No seriously, I agree and that's better thought out I expected.
    You may think you will be careful, but once in a while you will flop down in a car seat or something and think... damn!!
  • Never seen it but since I used to be a cop, are you sure I wasn't the one responsible for putting you in D Block? Lol glad that's in the past bro.
  • Really is a shame that this is even a concern for a $700 - $1000 smartphone. Google should have done this themselves.
  • How about making it water-resistant from the get go ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ ?
  • So...spend a $100 on a case to water proof your phone, on top of an $840 price tag. By that logic, buy a phone with water resistance already, like iPhone 7 Plus, S7 edge.
  • Zip lock bag works well. I used them to run and keep all the sweat off before I had a connected watch. Double up if you're really worried. I accidentally swam with it once but no issue which is why I had it already bagged when around the water anyway. Though for submersion I would recommend a better option than seals well. The sandwich or freezer bag seal can split apart if the zipper is bent and some may have tiny holes.
  • "A Guide to Waterproofing Your Google Pixel"...Buy a waterproof your case! LOL. I love you guys Android Central! I appreciate your sense of humor. :)
  • Lord Dextro uses a water resistant liquid on his phone.
    You're welcome, carry on.
  • Geez. If you're gonna push Pixel ownership on people who don't even know how to keep a phone dry (or why that might be a good idea), you could at least give the poor apes a link to buy a ShamWow or two!
  • Nothing like waterproofing ugly. The bezels on the Pixels are HUGE and not at all appealing.
  • I wonder if this JOTO's Company knows that JOTO means ”F @ ggot in Spanish. LOL
  • Shame on Google for not waterproofing the Pixel phone.
    It's 2016. Waterproofing is not some high tech new concept.
  • The Joto's bag is enormous for a phone...
  • Sorry but this I feel that this nothing but a link-bait article... really didn't say anything that... buy expensive case or cheap baggy otherwise take care of you phone... Duh!
  • Welcome to Android Central. Where we get useless articles like these on daily basis. I suggest you read our wide selection of "how to" articles on issues that even a toddler knows how to handle, like "how to copy-paste".
  • I have never dropped a phone nor have I cared about the IP.. rating. Basic slim cases have worked fine for me in the years, but I bought extended warranty for my wife who on the hand has dropped three of her last four phones. I'm not gonna make my Pixel XL ugly because it's not IP10000....
  • Another far from ideal but occasionally helpful product are these pack of 20 or so rubber USB and headphone jack plugs I found on Amazon or eBay. I'm sure they will be making type C plugs, whatever. You're gonna lose many or forget to plug them, but there may be that one occasion they will save you. After dropping a new Moto X Style in a seaside toilet unscathed in January without them, I found these. Plugs the gap as it were, for a couple of bucks. (I don't have a link right now) Nice aroma too! not from the plugs - the toilet xD
  • First of, a rating of IP53 means the phone is waterproof. Depends how much water you're talking about.
    Secondly, the Pixel can handle rain without issues. Quite a lot of rain. In fact, there's a video of someone leaving a Pixel in a bowl of water for 30 minutes, and the phone survives without issues. IP67 it's not, but it's up there.
    This whole "Pixel isn't waterproof" business is being spread by some very ignorant people.
  • +1, plus they need to find some fault with the phone to make them feel better for some reason. As a overall package this is the best phone out right now in my opinion.
  • Definitely. There are some inconveniences, but nothing major. No phone is perfect. Besides, I think it costs Google way more to produce this phone per unit than it does Apple or Samsung.
  • Ummm... Just No. Even a phone like the S7 edge with its ip68 rating is NOT "waterproof"... ONLY water RESISTANT. There is a big difference. Stop spreading misinformation
  • "Waterproof: impervious to water." Even the definition is vague. What does it mean by water? Moisture? Drops? Jets? Shallow water? Deep water? 1 meter of water? 10km of water? What does that even mean?
  • im·per·vi·ous
    unable to be affected by.
  • Correct. And the Pixel is not affected by water (as long as the testing conditions conform to IP level 3).
  • How about when you go to the beach or pool you leave your phone in the house, car, or bag and socialize and enjoy the pool or beach and not post FB pictures, instagram, snapchat whatever.... Jus sayin
  • Why would you? I have been for years with phones and they had no rating whatsoever.
  • I'm not talking about phone ip ratings or risks. I'm just saying put the phone down and live. Enjoy life without it in your hands 24/7
  • Gotcha, my bad for misunderstanding your comment and I totally agree.
  • This phone is more water resistant than people think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObhMgCT-Rzw
  • To make inferior android phones waterproof all you need to do is buy a Sony Xperia phone, many waterproof models to choose since 2013
  • What about treating your phone with a nano coating? Do these treatments actually work? Might have made the article a little more relevant.
  • Yes, that nano coating thing has been around since the early days of mobile phones (with removable backs etc). How about an article on that please....
  • It survived like an hour under water on a video.. So it's pretty water proof.. Lol
  • I'm kinda happy they fit life proof to make a case for it since I'm a firefighter in going to get a rugged case any ways. I just wish they had one with a battery pack.
  • The author of this article (which I think is silly...the article...not the author) should point out to readers the difference between WATERPROOF and WATER RESISTANT. Maybe then at least this write up would actually be somewhat informative. SMDH
  • Like other people have said.. For the price it should have been waterproof/resistant already. Apple is marketing the sh¡t out of that feature and everyone knows Samsung was on it early. If Google wants to target these users they should have followed suit.
  • Step 1: Buy a waterproof phone that isn't a Pixel.
  • Step 2: Comment here about how it is better than the Pixel in every conceivable way.
  • Guys, what's done is done. The phone is not waterproof. Complaining about it isn't going to make it either.
  • gud guide thou.
  • A Guide To Waterproofing Your Google Pixel:
    Step 1, don't get your phone wet.
  • This article is so funny.
  • Just a couple of years ago, everyone survived perfectly fine without water resistant phones and nobody cared and now all of a sudden a phone is not high end unless it's water resistant?? So many sheep's being told what to think and what to want lol.
  • We also survived with small screens, slow charging, 3G, worse battery life, plastic bodies, and sluggish performance... So what's your point?
  • Is this really an article?
  • This may be the article that makes me delete this app.
  • I'm reading this while on the toilet.
  • What the hell is up with waterproofing your phones? I mean I haven't had a phone yet that requires waterproofing. The G1 didn't have waterproofing the Moto droid didn't have waterproofing. It's like the new gimmick and you all saying give me give give me. But then again this is the new generation of phone users and you all expect everything to be given to you.
  • I honestly can't fathom how Google thinks they can be competitive against iPhone when their offering is the same price, but iPhone has waterproofing. If I was in the game to buy a new smartphone, I would not buy this over an iPhone, despite being a big fan of Android. To be honest, LG V20 looks super nice. If I was going for a higher end phone, I think I would consider going with that.
  • I honestly can't fathom why water resistant has been come the most important feature for a phone to be considered highend!!
  • It's a nice feature to have, let's be honest here, and when it's on Galaxy phones and iPhones at the same price point, I think it's fair to expect it on Pixels too. I know I would if I was parting with that amount of hard earned cash.
  • None of this is new, nor does it relate solely to the Pixel phone.
    The headline is misleading.
  • I'm not sure that this qualifies as a guide.
  • Guide to waterproofing a Pixel: Sell it and buy a waterproof phone :p
  • What about testicular cancer awareness eeeehhhhh!
  • Love this guide. Great suggestions Mike!
  • Never heard of LifeProof FRĒ until now. If I'm lucky enough to get a Pixel ill definitely give them a try. Would probably cry if my pixel died from water damage lol A droid a day keeps the Apple away
  • My next phone needs to be waterproof. I've gone too many times in the pool at a water park or resort watching other people snapping photos of their kids or each other without worry about their phone while I have my 6p in an ugly waterproof glorified pouch that I paid Amazon $12 for.
  • "Having water air-dry off of your phone is generally a bad idea anyway, since water dries things out as it evaporates, so if there are any plastic components that get wet, the air-drying can make them brittle in the long run." Complete nonsense. UV, heat, abrasion, chemicals, &c. that sometimes accompany water or an attempt to accelerate drying may degrade plastic. But even at the high ends of useful life of a phone and number of occurrences, evaporation will do nothing to any plastic in a mainstream phone. What elements or molecules do you suppose the water vapor is carrying off? Think about plastic items or plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • This is stupid. The writer says women should not put a phone in their bra if you are worried about cancer but instead the writer says put it in your front pants pocket. What ! A front Pocket isn't any safer than bra. It's the same distance from organs in either location. Moreover, there is NO reputable data to support any concern about a phone in your clothes and cancer. None. If the writer is going to offer medical advice, could they at least use someone else besides Dr. Oz.
  • There are lots of comments from people who use their SGS7 in the shower. But the phone isn't rated for that. IP ratings aren't cumulative above IPX6 so the IP68 rating of the SGS7 doesn't necessarily mean compliance with IP66 or IP67. Samsung specifically mention that the device shouldn't be exposed to moving water from taps/ the ocean.
  • Got a couple of the Joto bags for my Pixel for Disney, water parks. Not worried about Splash Mountain or anything like that.
  • I just bought 5 of the bags. Looks like the whole family could use those.
  • Ziploc bag. Done.
  • I think you meant to say "of" instead of "or" here?...
    "There seems to be this trend (especially among women) or folks keeping"