The Google Home Mini is an impressive little puck that can play music, automate your home and tap into the search powers of Google for only $49 — or $29 if you get it on sale. At either price, it's not hard to buy a few to have them placed at different spots through your house.

You could have the Home Minis placed on different tables or shelves, or you can go a step further and have the speakers mounted on your walls. These are the best options for mounting a Google Home Mini!

Double-sided tape — quick and easy

This method firmly falls into the "If it looks stupid, but it works, it isn't stupid" category. But this is the cheapest, fastest and easiest mounting method. The Google Home Mini is pretty light, so just grab some double sided tape (I used some mounting squares from 3M), stick one side to the Home Mini and then just stick the Home Mini to the wall. Done!

If you want to go one step further, you can get a custom length micro-USB power cable to reduce clutter.

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Mini Back Pack by Dot Genie — best for renters

This solution is a lot more elegant. The Mini Back Pack features a plastic clip for the Home Mini itself, then the USB power supply slides in. A tiny micro-USB power cable completes the ensemble, and the whole thing is light enough that a power jack has no problem supporting it. The user still has easy access to the side touch controls and the physical mute switch.

This is the better option for renters and apartment dwellers who can't drill into their walls, or someone who isn't entirely sure which rooms they'd like the mount the Home Mini in.

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Incipio Wall Mount — a mix of both worlds

This last method is a combination of the previous two. A plastic piece clips onto the back of the Google Home Mini, this time with two holes for nails. This lets you place the Home Mini at any height you'd like, but also have something much more permanent than tape. Again, you can use any micro-USB cable with the Home Mini, so feel free to buy one that's the perfect length or color to match your decor.

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What say you?

Have you mounted your Google Home Mini? Let us know how you did it in the comments below!

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