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The world has been waiting for months for the release of Pokemon Go. And it is ready and available for the world to jump into. That means the memes, crazy news, and wacky stories of people playing this game have only just started. We've collected some of our favorite news and memes to share with you.

Finding Pokemon in places you might not expect

Everyone (OK, a lot of people) has been excited to go wander around their neighborhood or city and find Pokemon. An entire generation of folks who grew up playing this game on handheld devices, and now they've got access to playing a mobile version right on their phones. What people probably didn't expect was where they would be running into those Pokemon. From their offices, to bathrooms, Pokemon are cropping up in places that nobody saw coming.

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The game is struggling to keep up with users

In case you didn't see every one of your friends posting screenshots yesterday, this game quickly became a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Niantic prepared as well as they could have for the influx of new users, and that meant downtime. Lots and lots of downtime.

Even the Police are talking about it

Yup, you read that right. Even police have been posting about Pokemon Go. That's because several police stations are also Pokestops or Gyms. One police station in particular has sent out a tweet reminding players that they don't need to come inside the police station to check in there. They even managed to throw in a joke about keeping an eye on where they are going in the meantime.

The False news stories have already started

There have been more than a dozen stories about a kid who wandered into the wrong neighborhood while playing Pokemon Go, and got himself stabbed. Thankfully, this story is 100 percent fabricated, and originated from a website that specializes in fake news. That didn't stop dozens more publications from picking it up. While this story has the honor of being the first false Pokemon Go news story, it probably won't be the last.

Twitter is basically the best place ever for this

The best part is that there is still plenty of ridiculousness on the internet still to come. This was just content from launch day, so we only hope that it gets even better. Did your favorite hit our list? Have a ridiculous meme we should have known about? Be sure to drop into the comments and let us know about it!

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Pokémon Go


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