iGrip PerfektFit Car Charging Dock for HTC Thunderbolt

After many testing sessions, the Android Central Store team has finally been able to present us with the best car dock & mount for HTC ThunderBolt -- one that also happens to have the highest user rating.

The iGrip PerfektFit Car Charging Dock for HTC ThunderBolt has been specifically selected because it is the sturdiest custom fit solution available and it is virtually "vibration free" (something that many owners of a competing mount have been complaining loudly about).

The German made iGrip Dock consists of two integrated parts - the windshield mount and phone holder.

The windshield mount uses an impressive dual-support suction element that gets fitted securely in seconds thanks to a strong latch mechanism. Additionally the mount arm has a clever swivel-top that enables you to easily adjust your HTC ThunderBolt to any viewing angle and quickly switch between portrait and landscape position.

The custom fit phone holder for its part not only holds your ThunderBolt securely in place thanks to a top latch but also provides pass-through charging when using a car charger that plugs at the back of the unit.

The only unfortunate thing with this Car Dock & Mount is that it is not compatible with the ever-popular range of HTC ThunderBolt extended batteries, nor is it compatible with any sort of HTC ThunderBolt cases.

Overall the iGrip PerfektFit Car Charging Dock for HTC ThunderBolt will prove to be an ideal solution for HTC ThunderBolt owners looking for the best mount for GPS navigation, handsfree calls or audio.

HTC ThunderBolt owners with either an extended battery or a hard to remove case will find that the iGrip Universal Fit Flexible Mount for HTC ThunderBolt provides them with an excellent alternative car mount - just one that is slightly less elegant than the PerfektFit model.

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