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BBM has an annoying persistent notification — but you might not want to turn it off

One of the biggest gripes from people who tried BBM during the original failed launch was that you had to live with a persistent notification in your status bar. BlackBerry responded with a setting in the beta version — which found its way into today's actual launch — that allows you to turn off that nagging notification in your status bar.

But you probably want to leave it alone — if you actually want to get messages, that is.

Google, in its effort to fight apps that suck down battery or stay alive to watch you without you knowing, now requires any application that wants to stay alive at all times to place a persistent icon in your notifications. When this is done, and that icon is showing, that particular app won't get closed, no matter how much RAM active applications are using. It's treated as a foreground application, even though not it's actually open on your screen.

When memory does drop below a certain threshold on our Androids (that level is determined by the people who built your particular version of the OS), apps not being actively used start to get shut down. If you've disabled the persistent notification in BBM and forced it to act like a normal app instead of one that's always running, it can and will get closed when memory is needed elsewhere.

Because BBM doesn't use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), you won't get chat notifications when it's not awake and listening. When there is enough free RAM for it to restart (it tries to run all the time per the app's permissions) you'll get the notifications then, after it restarts.

There's no real way to fix this, because BlackBerry isn't going to ever use GCM and Android is never going to allow apps to run willy-nilly without the user knowing.

So if you want to use BBM, just leave that nagging notification alone.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I didn't even know that Google started requiring apps to have a perma status notification... That explains a lot.
    When did tht start?
  • It's a good idea, that way you know what to set to manual, message apps should be exempt though ----------------------------------------------------
    My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you
  • You can't really make a certain class of apps exempt, or you break the pattern. Who decides which apps are "message" apps? If you leave it up to the OS, then people will "fake" it and make Android think their app is a message app, breaking the pattern. If you bake a list of apps into the OS and say "these apps are message apps", then you'd have to wait for an OS update to for that new message app that came out last week to work properly on your device. Trust me, this really is the best way to do this. Personally, I've got several apps with a persistent notification icon. It's not that big of a deal.
  • Exactly. I'd rather know if an app is hogging my RAM than have several that I dont even know about.
  • They never "started", at least as far back as 2.0. It's always been designed this way. Perceptible apps as these are called are ranked higher priority than service apps (those with no visible functionality).
  • Ahh, that explains it. Thanks for the info. I've never noticed it was this way.
  • So does Whatsapp fall under this category too? They have no Notification Bar Icon and their messages go through fine.
    Would the same thing happen with Whatsapp if RAM was low?
  • Not true. It actually did start at a specific time.. It was when JellyBean 4.2.3 was released.
  • There was a work around that LOTS of apps were using but Google put a stop to it. There was a popular app that suddenly had a persistent notification that everyone hated. If I have to leave BBM's notification up there I will have to stop using it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it really that big of a problem? I've got Lightflow, System Panel, Equalizer, Wave Launcher, Lux, and DoubleTwist Alarm all as persistent notifications right now. I have no intention of using BBM, but I don't understand how that's a deal breaker for people.
  • Yes, because when a messenger app is done right it uses no RAM at all when it's idle waiting for push notifications. BBM choose to stay in memory ALL of the time..
  • Why can WhatsApp get this right and not BBM? Are they using GCM? That seems odd and surprising (if so).
  • Potentially yes. Keep in mind that just because it doesn't have a notification icon, does NOT mean it won't deliver notifications. It can still work normally, it just means if your phone runs low on memory, it might be killed off sooner than if it had an icon in the notification tray.
  • Whatsapp does use GCM though. I'm also wondering why it says that BBM can't use GCM.
  • They can, but BlackBerry never would. The point of BBM is being a secure messaging platform, and it's not secure if they're sending notifications to Google's servers.
  • Bullshit. They just don't want to, or don't have a talent to do it. GCM doesn't require to send "data", or anything in particular. BlackBerry could just send the phone message e.g. "There's something for you on BBM server. Go grab it." This wouldn't compromise anyone's privacy. The same complaint goes to Skype, but that software has it's own pile of issues.
  • I have to agree, this sounds like an excellent solution. Posted via Android Central App
  • Also, as someone else has been saying in these comments, how come on iOS push notifications work?
  • What a stupid comment.. they don't have the talent. It isn't hard. They don't want to do it.
  • According to posts on CrackBerry several people have turned the notification off and it still worked fine. I believe one was a S4 and a HTC
  • I have a GALAXY S III (GT-i9300, international 3G model), I also turned that icon off and it's working perfectly, I haven't missed any messages. Of course, I keep a rigorous watch on the RAM (832 MB and only 4.1.2 ROMs like Android Revolution HD do a good administration of it) using Greenify and Startup Manager. In Startup Manager I only let very necessary apps to launch on boot (WhatsApp, Smart Wi-Fi Toggler, Greenify and similar). With Greenify, I only let services from apps I REALLY need running in the background and greenify those that I periodically check, that can wait, or that I use less often (Facebook, Google+, Google Search, games, photo editing apps, etc.).
  • Cegc135 inid help ihave same phone like yours galaxy S111 gt-i9300 ihave downloaded bbm but can't access it idont understand how to go abt it advice please
  • It will still work with the notification icon disabled. The issue comes when you try to play, say a high-end game, that needs to use more RAM than you have available. Android is going to "kill" whatever apps are loaded in RAM that it has to to create enough available. This is supposed to be done based on which apps haven't been used in the longest amount of time. Either way, if BBM is one of the apps that Android decides to kill, you won't get messages until there's enough room for BBM to load back into RAM. That lag could be 10 minutes, 60 minutes, or 12 hours (although unlikely) depending on why your phone is low on RAM.
  • Yuck. Pass. Posted via Android Central App
  • I am thankful that Google are doing this. It's a trade off and really, it makes sense.
  • I wanted to be a part of BBM for Android. Every posting I read pushes me further way for caring if this ever happens... Posted via Android Central App on my S3
  • Nice going Blackberry. Once again you release a half baked product. When will those Baboons at Waterloo get a clue? And lets not forget you cant use BBM on multiple devices like Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and iMessage. When will Blackberry come into the present year? A billion in unsold Z10 devices The company is up for fire sale (no takers yet) Bleeding cash Shrinking user base about to go bankrupt Are we surprised?
  • You clearly don't get it. This has nothing to do with Blackberry releasing a half baked product. People like the security of BBM, its been mentioned before when asked why anyone would choose this over WhatsApp. Part of that security comes from them making sure they run things, that means not using GCM. This isn't some bug or flaw, its just what needs to happen if you want BBM to run on Android the same way it runs on BB10. But by all means, please continue to go off topic with complaints about Blackberry that are irrelevant to this article.
  • Security. Right. What exactly is anyone talking about that has security issues over messaging? If you're talking about secure issues over messenger, you're an idiot and deserve to be fired.
    A persistent notification in the messaging bar is definitely a flaw.
  • What if I have a family to support? -Sniff sniff-
  • Well, if worse comes to worst, you have a family you can eat...
  • Touche, Sir, touche...
  • +1 we are what we are
  • Skype does the exact same thing... does that mean Skype has a design flaw... i dont see anyone bitching about Skypes persistent icon... wow... the ONLY reaosn you are saying this is flawed is because its a BlackBerry product... ugh... peoples mentalities really piss me off sometimes.
  • To be fair, Skype doesn't allow you to kill the icon and drop the "priority" of the app, possibly breaking notifications. Also, I never said it was flawed. Plenty of apps have to do this. This was just for people who want to use BBM and reliably get their messages.
  • Skype has one function. Video calls. Every single time I plan to skype with someone, they contact me and I login for the call. I have never received a surprise skype call. Therefore, I end the app when i'm done and the notification icon DISAPPEARS! If someone has to contact me to open BBM so we can talk, we'll just use whatever they used to contact me initially. BBM is supposed to be a multi-functional messaging app that covers multiple methods of interaction. An app like that should not require a constant icon like it does. No one else does it who is offering an app comparable to BBM. Skype is a whole different game. Good effort though.
  • Actually, you're mistaken about "No one else does it who is offering an app comparable to BBM". If they want you to be able to receive timely notifications, without using GCM, then yes they most certainly do do it this way. As I was saying up above, I have 4 apps with persistent notifications sitting at the top of my screen right now. What's the big deal? It's not like it's preventing your phone from functioning properly or something.
  • Not true.I hate Skype because of that , and it's always turned of.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing. I uninstalled it specifically because of this issue. Hangouts works great!
  • 1. It doesn't work on Tablets. Period.
    2. It doesn't support message syncing across multiple devices, so you can't send a message on one device and see the response to it on another.
    3. There's no desktop client. At all.
    4. There's a persistent notification in the status bar. It never can be dismissed. If you turn it off, your messages might be delayed. The only reason people are defending this app is because it's a BlackBerry product. If any other messaging system had that set of issues, it would be universally panned as a joke, as it would deserve.
  • This is for phones! Come on just move away and dont use it. Posted via Android Central App
  • FAIL...
  • The only reason reason you are bashing this is because is a BlackBerry product.
    Because WhatsApp:
    1. It doesn't work on Tablets. Period.
    2. It doesn't support message syncing across multiple devices, so you can't send a message on one device and see the response to it on another.
    3. There's no desktop client. At all. And well BlackBerry doesn't want to give our messages to Google(who actively leaks info to the NSA) but fuck privacy, right? Seriously, get over yourself and move along.
  • Yup, I'd agree that WhatsApps sucks as well. Hangouts is looking pretty good by comparison, though.
  • Actually, I prefer Hangouts.and if you think BB will ignore a subpoena from the NSA, you're a fool. Posted via Android Central App
  • Let them subpoena all they want. BlackBerry doesn't have the keys to let them view the messages anyway. Middle Eastern countries that spy on their citizens for years have tried to force BB to give them access to the NOC and they've refused. It's not because they don't want to, but because they can't.
  • They turned those imaginary keys over to the Indian government though.
  • BIS, not BES.
  • I'm sorry to say but you're really clueless when it comes to BlackBerry.
  • They can ignore them all they want. The NSA can't subpoena a Canadian company ;)
  • Then they'll just break in.
    And again, who gives a flying fudge about security for instant messaging? If you're IMing about something secure, you're an idiot.
  • This. Posted via Android Central App
  • First time I've agreed with you this entire thread ;)
  • You clearly don't understand the difference between BIS and BES.
  • +1000
  • So, just to be clear; you're not going to be using BBM? Ok. Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • I can't. right now I'm using a tablet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Download the apk...I did it with whatsapp and BBM on my galaxy tab 10.1 WoW, so hard...
  • Take your tablet and move to a tablet topic!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Seems your just pi$$ed you can't use your tablet, LOL. Posted via Android Central App
  • @brendilon, I 100% agree! However, i would still give BB a little more of a break than i would anyone else cause well, its blackberry. They used to be important and i would like to give them a shot at being relevant again. Just dont think this is gonna do it. especially not so late in the game with a massive hangouts update coming soon.
  • I tried the BBM for Android app today. First of all, I can't just sign in to my old account as I no longer have an active BlackBerry data plan. Also, I can't just transfer over my old contact list from my old BBM. Then I saw the persistent icon. For all it was nice to see a BBM icon on my phone again, I hate persistent icons. So instead of waiting around for BB to send me an email I deleted it. I don't use skype for the same reason. I can't stand persistent notifications. And I'm an ex-Blackberry user here. In fact, if they had kept up with the times, I'd probably still be with BB, but they didn't, so whatever, I moved on. Having said that, I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, and am anxiously looking forward to the new Nexus 5 & 10.
  • I was able to log in with my old bb id and it pulled up all my old contacts...did the same for a few other people I know too Posted via Android Central App
  • You have to have used a BlackBerry ID with BBM. BlackBerry devices used to not require a BBID until about two years ago.
  • It's by design
  • Go peach that security gibberish to the blind fanboys at Crackberry. "Security" is Blackberrys one trick pony which has gotten them absolutely NOWHERE. Going out of business huh? Thought so!
  • You think a company going out of business is irrelevant to an article about a product from said company? Interesting perspective you have there.....
  • Preach! That other person does not understand.
  • Couldn't Blackberry send a GCM to wake the app up instead of the actual message? Posted via Android Central App
  • That's actually not a bad idea, but I wonder if this would introduce lag-time. It would almost certainly result in additional data usage and battery drain, though.
  • If this is the case, I have no need for this app. Posted via Android Central App
  • Uninstalling because of this.
  • Yip done the same. Its a fail. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not even worth waiting for email invitation. Uninstalling here too. Sticking to Whatsapp and Hangouts.
  • Same here.
  • So stupid. I can't think of any other messaging system that does this.
  • Skype. Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.
  • Thank you for the info. One more reason to not use Skype.
  • GrooveIP Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android 4.2.2)
  • Is there anything good about this app? ----------------------------------------------------
    My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you
  • That it finally got released...?
  • Is that a good thing? ----------------------------------------------------
    My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you
  • Beats me. I can't download it on my Nexus 7 on ATT, so I don't know first hand. From everything I see, the answer is "Not really".
  • It doesn't mean that you won't get messages, it just says that if your device memory is low you MIGHT not get them or they might be delayed, it's not a "turn off and you won't get them" feature.
  • "There's no real way to fix this, because BlackBerry isn't going to ever use GCM." Why is this? It sounds like just implementing GCM would be the perfect win-win solution. Is GCM not secure enough for BBM's liking, or what?
  • Using GCM would take it partly out of BB's hands, the more links there are in a chain, the greater the chance one of them will be weak. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't buy this. They MUST implement Apple's version of GCM for their iOS app, if they want background notifications. Apple doesn't give them a choice. So if they can do it on iOS, they could do it here.
  • Hmmmm... Apple doesn't (says they don't) datamine the traffic and sell the swag.
  • I'm guessing it'll mean a complete redesign of BBM. It does run on other platforms remember. Unfortunately, cross platform doesn't mean designing for just for Android.
  • Like I said to the guy above, it doesn't make sense since they can't use their own servers for the iOS app. Apple REQUIRES all background notifications to use their Apple notification service. It's equivalent to Google's GCM, so there's no reason for this.
  • Nope. iOS 7 allows apps to continue running in the background, and it appears BBM utilizes this. BBM can continue running in the background and send local notifications, so Apple never needs to get them.
  • What's the source for this? In any case, in this particular instance, BBM does use iOS's push notifications. You'll receive them as long as you are available, even when you completely close the app.
  • They could do a nicer icon though, or even an option to make it transparent, next best thing to it not being there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Argh... I'm not even gonna wait for the e-mail to allow me to register. :/
  • Same here.
  • Skype does the exact same thing... does that mean Skype has a design flaw... i dont see anyone bitching about Skypes persistent icon... wow... the ONLY reaosn you are saying this is flawed is because its a BlackBerry product... ugh... peoples mentalities really piss me off sometimes.
  • If you get pissed off over something trivial like Blackberry then you need to find a hobby to take your mind off what makes you so angry......seriously!
  • 1. It doesn't work on Tablets. Period.
    2. It doesn't support message syncing across multiple devices, so you can't send a message on one device and see the response to it on another.
    3. There's no desktop client. At all.
    4. There's a persistent notification in the status bar. It never can be dismissed. If you turn it off, your messages might be delayed. FLAWED!
  • 1. You can sideload the apk on a tablet. Saying it doesn't work on tablet is entirely incorrect(maybe unavailable in play store would be correct)
    2. For security reasons, they same reason why whatsapp doesn't, if it's that important use hangouts.
    3. Who still uses a desktop client to chat? Tablets and phones are my limit...
    4. Emphasis on might
  • 1. "And if you jailbreak your iPhone you can..." If you need a workaround, the app design is a fail.
    2. Security reasons. Right. *eyeroll*
    3. Who? Lots of people. Do you work at a computer? I do and so does everyone else I know. Why should I have to check my phone, when instead I can see the notification flash on the screen that I'm currently looking at?
    4. Right, because uncertainty of whether we're getting all our messages is a good thing?
  • 1. The difference is, this isn't iCrap and you don't need to root it to install it, I just downloaded an apk from the comment, took about the same time as downloading from the playstore...
    2. Whatsapp is living proof that the majority of people don't care about device sync of messages and having one account across multiple devices
    3. No I don't work on a computer yet, I'm studying. Even if I did I wouldn't put my personal messages on a work computer...
    4. Unless you have less than 1gb of RAM you shouldn't have a problem. Haven't missed one message...and my tab has 1gb of RAM...
  • Wow this guy has it in for BlackBerry. Can't recognize anything good about it. There are pros and cons to Whatsapp and BBM. I'm loving BBM now. Did a test to my wife's iPhone and saw the read receipt instantly when opened. It's so fast and unambiguous. I forgot how great that was. I'm going to keep Whatsapp around for a bit, but I never really liked having it tied to my phone number.
  • I was wondering why I couldn't get it to shut down. Posted via Android Central App
  • To be more detailed in how Android determines when apps run or are killed, because the article is a little fuzzy on the details: These are ranked in order of most important (top, will not be killed) to least (will almost always be killed). 1. System processes (Phone, HTC Sense, etc)
    2. Foreground application (the app you are currently using)
    3. Perceptible service (Keyboard, other similar apps)
    4. Service Foreground/Visible (Pebble, Trillian, any bluetooth/external device apps)
    5. Service Background/Invisible (Skype [after the broken update], Facebook, etc)
    6. Backgrounded apps (Apps you're multitasking with, like browser)
    7. Cached apps (Those backgrounded apps you haven't used in a short while, usually determined by time and how far up it is on the recently used list). Note that just because an app has an icon in the notification tray does NOT mean it is actually using the higher priority. But in order to use it, it must display a notification in the tray. Also note that just because it's in that notification tray with a higher priority, doesn't mean it won't be closed in extreme memory situations. Especially on older or budget phones, Android WILL kill off those services when necessary to keep the foreground app and keyboard working. It will also make an attempt to restart them if there is RAM available and the app requests it.
  • BBM is not even compatible with the nexus 7 2013 ? Now how are we to use it on our tablets how is that.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well the bb CEO did say tablets were just a fad.. It seems they really believe that. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sideload the apk. Works just as well.
  • I just cannot wait to not install this app. Really looking forward to it.
  • Signing in actually requires the app to work. Was completely let down that I had been a BBM user for 10+ years and now I'm on a waiting list. Posted via Android Central App
  • I turned it off and still get messages?? I must be lucky, time to buy a lottery ticket. Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968
  • I am the only one not seeing my contacts photos? Posted via Android Central App
  • I am the only one not seeing my contacts photos? Posted via Android Central App
  • I am the only one not seeing my contacts photos? Posted via Android Central App
  • No but you are the only one posting the same question 3 times in a row. I bet that's also BBM's fault. :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Great article assuming I even installed BBM.
  • Ok. I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4 two weeks ago as a test. Away from BlackBerry. First time away from BB in 13 years. Just got BBM installed and it's working great. I'm not sure how Android folks like their IM apps to work. BlackBerry types want it always on. I do get the argument to for it to work on multiple devices. That's a shortcoming for BB right now. But for me I carry my phone everywhere. So I don't really care about it. I realize others have a different opinion. I respect that. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hangouts is always "on" in my S3 but I only get the ridiculous icon when I have a new message.
  • THIS Posted via Android Central App
  • I can see your point 4 years ago when Tablets weren't as popular. If ever you're in a meeting and using your tablet, and you get a notification from your IM messenger (Hangouts) you'd see how convenient that is. I may have my phone "always with me" but if i'm already holding my tablet, it's redundant to have to remove the phone from the pocket while still holding the tablet and then try to fumble with the phone while reading/replying to an instant message or text. I may have my phone always with me, but in todays world I should be able to theoretically do everything with my tablet that I could do with my phone (except holding it to my head for voice calls or taking HD pictures-some might argue that). Therefore, whichever i'm currently holding and looking at is the one I can be most effective with.
  • "If ever you're in a meeting and using your tablet, and you get a notification from your IM messenger (Hangouts) you'd see how convenient that is." Are you saying that you'd be in a business meeting and then all of a sudden, get chat notifications on your screen? And you think this is a good thing???
  • We also expect messaging apps to be able to installed on our tablets. I know expectations are low for you, coming from BlackBerry, but on Android, we expect better.
  • excuses excuses SMH. This is why Blackberry is in the shape that it's in.
  • You can always just hide it from androids settings Posted via Android Central App
  • Do that and you'll never get a notification that you have a new message.
  • You had one job Blackberry... one job!!!
  • i don't want buggy french canadian software on my phone.
  • I've been wondering when you would show up.
  • And you have to tell us this why?
  • Waterloo is French Canadian? Lol. Typical ignorant American.
  • Right, so WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger to name three can all do this properly. Why can't BBM?
  • Read above. SECURITY. Although if it's possible for them to use a combination of Google Push to wake BBM and tell it to go and fetch the message, that would be ideal. But not sure if BlackBerry would trust any Google services in their app. After all, BlackBerry has been working on Android for quite some time with BES10 and Mobile Fusion.
  • I dedicate this song to BBM for Android. Posted via Android Central App
  • Didn't any of you read that blackberry doesn't want to use Google cloud services don't use BBM stop botching and move on Posted via Android Central App
  • Because it's not a reason. They have to use Apple's cloud services if they want background notifications on iOS (it's a REQUIREMENT on iOS, it's not optional). So if it's okay for iOS, it must be okay for Google.
  • and its OPTIONAL on Android. Apple does not write Google's policies.
  • 2gb (or more) ftw!
  • I do not why this could be a problem for any one! It is just an icon over there, you can even diferentitate when you have a pin message there because the baloon gets a red point. And is apart of the other. This is a great app and is working great. Posted via Android Central App
  • "This is a great app and is working great."
    As long as you don't try to use it on a tablet. Or on multiple devices.
  • Mr. Negativity. Posted via Android Central App
  • I didn't realize being realistic about the limitations of the App which some seem to be heralding as the greatest messaging app ever counted as negativity.
  • If you have Xposed framework, download notify clean.. And you can hide it, but I think it still stays active... Posted via Android Central App
  • I cant even get mine to load. Posted via Android Central App
  • How many hours am I going to have to wait in line? It's been three hours already....
  • I have 2 gigs of ram. Should be more than enough to shut the icon off and have no worries of memory. Comments on here are classy. Lol. If you don't like it cool, if you do its one more useful app.
  • I don't see this as a negative or a problem at all, seeing as if have a phone with oodles of RAM, Note 2. I guess those fellas with so-so phones still rocking less than a gig of RAM might be sweating buckets.
  • Yeah, just wait until that constant notification burns into the screen. If you use your phone a lot then this is going to screw amoled phones sent from my Galaxy S3 rocking Cyanogenmod
  • What about those people who use Pebbles. Won't this be persistently on their watch?
  • Pisses me off on the Pebble app, too. The only saving grace is that I can disable notifications for the Pebble app and not miss anything important. Try to do the same for an IM app and I have no clue a message has come in. Tasker does it The Right Way (tm) by allowing you to select a transparent icon.
  • Can't you just disable notifications for the app in the system settings?
  • While waiting in line, I long pressed the notification which took me to app info. From there I unchecked notifications from the app. Now I can wait for the email without the constant reminder in my notification area. Posted via Android Central App
  • Have you tried to force quit the app and then re-open it?
  • I was able to use the app a couple of hours before my email came through.
  • It's fine everyone, we all have plenty of RAM. Well, most of us do.. Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3
  • Is the persistent notification draining the battery? Posted via Android Central App, HTC One
  • Not that I've noticed, at least it's not showing up in my list of things using the battery.
  • I still get my notifications and I turned off the connected button Posted via Android Central App
  • No that's ridiculous that they won't use GCM. Are they not using push notifications on iOS? I highly doubt that. It is not a security issue. They can just use GCM for a send to sync signal. This is them being lazy and they need to fix it.
  • wow, much ado over one icon. in the end, people will use it if they find the app useful.
    On my LG notification I have a stupid icon from "Twilight", which I don't mind because the app is useful. I also have "How to Use Quickmemo" and "Power Saver, suspended while charging" which I can just swipe away but always reappear. It also says "Service disabled" periodically, which I have no idea what service.
  • Okay, most of the comments here puzzled me thus I tried the followings:
    1. Turn off the connected icon and close the app from the recent apps list
    2. Open 10 apps simultaneously
    3. BBM myself from my BB device while playing Subway Surf Guess what? I STILL receive the notification INSTANTLY and even able to reply it (using PA Halo). Considering I'm using custom ROM, kernel and launcher, my RAM usage should be higher than others in stock (I'm using N4 here.) Conclusion? This issue is way overblown and some people hate BBM simply because it's coming from BlackBerry. Oh, and above article is a little unfair since author only state the possibilities and never mention his experience. Did he actually tried to turn off the connected icon and experience delayed notification? I doubt so...
  • No, the author talked with BlackBerry about it instead. But go ahead and act disgruntled.
  • Double post
  • It doesn't matter how good/bad the app is, people are going to hate just because it's blackberry.
  • Blackberry please just go and die quietly.. We have no need for you on Android..
  • Wow, just wow... Almost 60,000 reviews in the few hours from the launching certainly show many are interested... LoL
  • Or you can lock it in the memory yourself using root permissions (which is what I did) sent from my Galaxy S3 rocking Cyanogenmod
  • Well not trying to bash BlackBerry, but used this messenger for a day and it ate my battery in double the time (I used it 3 short times, I don't know anyone that uses bbm). So I will just stick to texting and Hangouts. Uninstalled. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is a deal breaker for me... Its ugly and there is no reason to use an inferior BBM vs Hangouts Posted via Android Central App
  • Man the hate continues here....don't even give the app a chance... Posted via Android Central App
  • As contrasted by the unmitigated love for a messaging app that doesn't so some very basic stuff?
  • I was very excited for this to finally use an android version of this software. I am NOT a hater of anything tech, but I have enough going on app wise, eating up my battery. Little hard to justify using if I only have 3 contacts that use it. Hopefully BlackBerry will pull up and spend more time fixing such problems. But the history of this company says no, so it is just better for me to move on and let everyone else eagerly using to enjoy. Not my cup of IM tea. Posted via Android Central App
  • Persistent notification or not, service is not reliable. I have galaxy s3, nexus 4 and older nexus on my family plan and they are anyways offline. Anyone encountered this? Posted via Android Central App
  • How do u get to use the music status update. The s4's native music player doesn't seem to support bbm music status update. Maybe poweramp will update their app to support this? Posted via Android Central App
  • Why cant we have the exact same app like it was/in a BB handset? same style ,same notification ! Why this modification?
  • Did some comments get deleted in this topic? If so, why?
  • Hey kind Android users, It appears that some useful comments/replies (mine) have been deleted from this topic and a whole host of hateful and not so useful ones have been left. Why is that?
  • None of your comments were deleted, I'm looking at the admin overview now.
  • This is why I love Google and Android. Editor in chief of