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Inside the Great Bookmark Thumbnail Scare of June 17, 2010 (aka Relax!)

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Everyone should be concerned with their security -- especially when we're dealing with devices that can get lost, stolen or left in bars by accident.  A piece at BGR calls into question bookmark thumbnails that aren't deleted on hard-reset on the HTC Droid Incredible.  But the question is "Why?"In an effort to stop any panic and FUD, let's break it down to see exactly what is happening...

Another Android tablet straight 'outta Shenzen -- now with 20% more bezel!

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Resistive screen? Check. Outdated version of Android? Check. Familiar looking box and logo? Check. Yes, all the makings of a cheap knockoff are in there.  Some people call them 'KIRFs' (Keeping It Real, Fake).  We call them .... well, we call them lots of things -- most of which aren't fit to print.  This one's a bit more interesting though.  Not because of the internals (they're still...

14-megapixel Altek Leo runs Android 2.1, shows itself off at CommunicAsia

14-megapixel Altek Leo runs Android 2.1, shows itself off at CommunicAsia

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Remember that Altek camera that comes with a phone attached we showed you a week or so ago?  It's back, with some nice action shots and even a video.  Android 2.1 has been confirmed as the OS (According to vice president JS Liang, Froyo is being worked on) with a slightly customized UI.  We also get some info about release in Asia -- Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in Q4 of this year, and...