G pro

It's still Android 4.1.2, but OTA brings small fixes and enhancements

Software version E98010n is ready for AT&T's LG Optimus Pro. The 65 or so megabyte file is still Android 4.1.2, but bumps the software version up from E98010k ("n" is more than "k" so it has to be better) and contains these few changes, per AT&T:

  • Closed Captioning: Closed captioning option will appear in full screen mode for video files that are closed captioning supported.
  • Battery and Data icons in AT&T apps folder: You now have quick and easy access from your device home screen in the AT&T folder to manage data usage or optimize battery life.
  • Dual camera: You can take still photos using the front and rear camera at the same time.
  • Video pause and resume: You can pause and resume while recording a video.
  • Smart video: With eye detection, if you stop watching a video, the video will pause.
  • Home button LED: You can set the home button LED for "Favorite" contacts. Go to "Favorite" contact > Edit > Home Button LED.
  • Unused apps: You can set notifications for unused apps at: Settings > Apps > Menu key > Unused apps.

The usual rules apply — you'll need to be on Wifi, you can only "officially" check once per day, and your battery should be nice and charged.

There's a thread in the Optimus G Pro forums where folks are discussing the update, jump in!

Thanks, Mike!