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AT&T has made a slight error by noting the price of the unannounced Nexus 6 on its online store. The company hasn't published a product page or announcement, but what has been spotted is a small mention of the Nexus 6 alongside contract pricing. The upcoming Motorola handset will likely set purchasers back by $49.99 on select plans.

What's significant about the listing is that the upcoming handset is the first smartphone in the Nexus line to be offered on AT&T since the Nexus S. Loading the product page for the LG G3 Vigor and scrolling down will show the "People also viewed" section where a handful of products are highlighted. This list happens to show the Nexus 6 with the price noted above. Unfortunately, when hitting the link to check out the smartphone, there's a redirect in place and we're unable to proceed further.

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Nexus 6

It's worth mentioning that while all this is from AT&T directly, pricing and other details may change before the Nexus 6 is announced today – other parts of the Nexus 6 listing spotted on the website appear to be place holders. There's also no word on availability either, but we can expect to see more with announcements expected today.

Source: AT&T, via: Android Police

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