Sense 6 on the HTC One M7

AT&T has joined Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile by offering a Sense 6 update to their HTC One M7. Some of our people in the forums have already spotted the rollout on their devices, and marks the last of the major American carriers to get the update. Worldwide, we've already seen this update come to Canada and Europe.

There's a lot that Sense 6 offers users, namely the extremely snazzy BlinkFeed, which you can read all about in our HTC One M8 review. The user interface gets a good flattening, some new motion controls are added in, and there are some new power management options, among other things.

How many M7 owners on AT&T have got this update yet? Is the phone still doing good by you, or are any of you guys itching for an M8? Maybe that QHD beast we're hearing about strikes your fancy.

Source: Android Central Forums