It's only been a few short days since Pokémon Go was released by Niantic, and it's already taken the world by storm. Chances are you're either walking around town to catch Pokémon, or you know at least one person who is. The truth is that this game has blown up big time, and people who have never had any interest in pocket monsters are now looking for Pokémon everywhere from their backyard to the church 10 miles down the road.

That's what brings us to this week's poll! We want to know if you are playing Pokémon Go. With that in mind we've got four options for you to choose between: "Of course I am!", "I've downloaded but haven't been able to play much", "I'm not playing Pokémon go", "I'm not playing and I wish people would stop talking about it."

Are you caught up in the sheer madness of Pokémon Go? Have you already heard enough about this game? Drop into our comment section and let us know about it!

Pokémon Go