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Are you loyal to a specific phone company?

Google Pixel 4 XL, Galaxy S10+ and OnePlus 7 Pro
Google Pixel 4 XL, Galaxy S10+ and OnePlus 7 Pro (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

The mobile tech space is filled with all sorts of passionate users, and sometimes, this can result in loyalty to one company over another. This usually takes the shape of the endless Android vs. iOS debate, but even with just the Android ecosystem, some people get attached to one company over the other.

There are die-hard Samsung fans, people that swear by Google's Pixel lineup, OnePlus fanatics, etc.

Looking through the AC forums, some of our members recently got to talking about this very topic.

As a note user since the 4 I just can seem to think how much of a huge adjustment not haying the s pen that's been apart of my mobile expirence. I'm thinking of buying a iPhone pro and have both so I can take advantage of both systems . Any people who are very loyal to their favorite phone company and series of devices stick with the

Bradley 3

If I switch away from the Note , it would be to another Android device. I have no interest in the Apple ecosystem, though I haven't used it in years. Nothing against the Apple device, just the ecosystem didn't jive with me then and that's been enough to keep me away since.


I agree with Mojook, I am the same way. I like Android and specifically Samsung. I have had the Note 2,3,5,8 and now 10+. I am a Samsung fan in general as I also have Galaxy Buds a Tab S3, 2 Samsung monitors and a Samsung refrigerator that I love!!!


I'm not loyal to any brand because they aren't loyal to me. If something comes up that's better than what I"ve had the past 2 or so years then I would buy it. The only way I would use two phones is if the job forced me to do so.


What about you? Are you loyal to a specific phone company?

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  • What no Disney!!!
  • I have a soft spot in my heart for both LG and Motorola but it really isn't loyalty. As much as ive enjoyed my Moto G7 my next phone will possibly be a Samsung mid range like the A50.
  • My first ever phone was a colored screen Samsung flip phone when everyone else was using a Moto RAZR phone. Then switched to a LG Chocolate and then back to a Samsung touch screen smartphone with a sliding qwerty keyboard with a pull out stylus. Went to iPhone 3gs and hated it. Then switched to the original Samsung Note and fell in love. Ever since then I've been using Note 3, Note 5, Note 8, (went to S10e for a few months), then back to Note 10. There is something about the Note (probably because of the stylus) that makes me keep coming back to the Note line.
  • I have no use for brand. I have been stuck in the Samsung brand for years now due to the availability of removable/up-gradable memory. I keep a lot of media on my phone due to the fact that I have no "cloud" when I am working as a merchant mariner, so any media I want to access either needs to be via USB or pre-downloaded directly to the device. Device is far preferable. The first thing I do is install a different launcher to run the phone with and install Package Disabler Pro to fine tune the menus; mostly back to reflect Android stock. At this point, it could be just about any Android phone at all and it would operate the same. The S9+ I have currently runs specs that still at the top of the tier for RAM, so it would be frivolous for me to upgrade to a newer device. That said, I still cannot stand Samsung's curved displays due to the fact that they are the biggest physical point of failure on the devices. Even with a protective glass on them, I end up breaking them well before my device is at it's end of life cycle. I was looking to jump over on Pixel but they continue to choose lack of up-gradable memory. If Google would do something about limiting users to 64 and 128GB of space, I would consider doing a change over. If LG did something about their specs by the time they got to market, I would be back on their hardware. I want to be able to rip my media to my phone without dealing with DMR blocks and iOS still has issues with that. If I bought the media once or have a legitimate copy, I don't need any hardware manufacturer playing nanny. If another ecosystem comes along that does that better, I'll jump on their bandwagon.
  • I was Samsung for several phones, but every time I got a new one, it was because the previous one had started to lag more and more. I got tired of that, and switched to the LG V40. Had it almost a year, and it still runs like it's brand new. All my Samsung phones lagged like crazy within a few months. I'm not doing anything different with the LG (more stuff, if anything), and have had ZERO problems with it. So now I'm loyal to them, lol. I just wish they had a tablet comparable to Samsung's with the S-Pen.
  • I was loyal to HTC for nearly 8 years. Now I'm more interested in the features a particular handset offers, and less inclined towards brand loyalty.
  • I've stayed with Google's phones ever since I came to Android as a Windows Phone refugee (Nexus 5X -> Pixel -> Pixel 3) due to the quick updates.
  • I'm not loyal to any brand. That being said about 75% of the smartphones I've bought have been Samsung. Most of which have been Galaxy S and Note. Since my first Note, the Note 4 I've never wanted any other type of phone. Presently using the Note 9 and Note 10 Plus.
  • My last 3 phones are Motorola, LG, and OnePlus. In fact I'm waiting on a SIM now for the OnePlus and don't even have it completly set up yet. I have had more LG then any other company sibce coming to Android from BlackBerry. The LG G2, and G4 (besides the boot loop) were great phones. I still think the G2 had one of the better screens as far as looks that I have ever used. The phone I'm leaving now is the LG V40. It has been a great phone and I didn't have any plans on upgrading this early (have had it for a year), but I was switching from Verzion to Visible to save a crazy amount of money. When I ordered my OnePlus to use on Visible the V40 wouldn't work in their system. Less then 24 hours later and after the OnePlus was on the way the V40 now works on their system!! Just my luck! But if nothing else I have a great back up phone. Anyway I don't have to have a certain company's phone. But I do know that unless Samsung makes a flat screen phone I like or everybody else only makes a curve screen I won't be buying a Samsung!
  • Used to be super loyal to HTC because their designs were the best. But then things got... sad.