Are you impressed with the Galaxy S20 Ultra's 100x zoom?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bader
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bader (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a lot going for it, with one of the biggest selling points being its powerful camera system. There are a lot of reasons to get excited about the S20 Ultra's camera capabilities, with the most noteworthy being its 100x Space Zoom feature.

There are tons of examples of the 100x zoom in action, including the one below from AC's own Nirave.

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Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some of our members have to say about the Ultra's zooming.

That's what I'm talking about


I work downtown and see wild stuff and this zoom will make for some serious fun


Even though the quality is not all that at 100X, I think it's amazing that it can get in that close and you can actually make out what the subject is.


What about you? Are you impressed with the Galaxy S20 Ultra's 100x zoom?

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Joe Maring

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  • Camera looks very good but I do not buy a phone primarily for the camera. #1... Communication. #2... Internet and data connectivity and transfer. #3... Camera. Btw, I've never taken a selfie and cameras on the Note 9 and 10 are very good to excellent.
  • Agree. The only reason I paid $1,000+ for a phone this year, was because I was switching off of Android and back to iOS. Otherwise, I likely would have kept my Note9, but I do like my iPhone 11 Pro much better... so I can't complain. If I were staying on the Note9, and wanted a better camera (mostly for video, since I don't take tons of pictures), I'd have used that money and gotten a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. I wouldn't waste that kind of money on a smartphone with such a bad support life cycle. I'd get an actual Cinema Camera that will get support worthy of that price tag... for less money (hillariously). This year I got an iPad Air w/ Apple Pencil and iPhone 11 Pro. There's no way I'm going back to Android with this setup. I might sell the Note9 to get an Apple Watch, too.
  • I'm impressed that it can do it, even if output is predictably blurry. Still, every single 100x shot I've seen leaves no doubt as to what's being photographed.
  • Very impressed and would love to have this feature down the line when I upgrade.
  • What did Flossie Carter call it? A "dirt bag camera"? Due to it's potential for abuse.
  • I believe it was "Scum bag" 😅
  • "White shoes, calm down"!!! Lol
  • Of course it's a gimmick but a very cool one at that. Practical uses maybe not so much, but the fact that it's useful for playing peek-a-boo has to get some credit, yikes!
  • Nope. It's a a useless brainfart designed to convince consumers that relieving themselves of over $1,000 dollars it's actually worth it. Next "Are you impressed by the fact that you can make calls upside down on your S20?"...