Are you excited for the HTC 10 launch?

The time has finally come, and the HTC 10 is here for everyone to feast their eyes on. Whether you've been a fan of HTC devices for quite some time, or whether you're just checking it out because you need to upgrade your phone, there is plenty to oogle over. Whether that means that you've got your eye on the specs, or whether you are hoping for an earful from the Hi-Fi audio, there is plenty here to get excited about.

That of course, brings us to this week's poll. We want to know whether you're excited to see the HTC 10. Since it's brand new, we've only got a few choices for you in this week's poll. You can choose between "Definitely", "Yes, I can't wait to read all about it", "Not really, but maybe they'll surprise me", and "No".

Let us know if you're excited for the HTC 10 in the comments below!

HTC 10


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