YouTube Music for Web is testing an offline download feature

YouTube Music branding up close on a Galaxy Z Fold 3.
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music for the Web is reportedly testing an offline download feature.
  • The feature could work the same way as the YouTube Music app. 
  • While some users can see the new interface, the functionality is still disabled.

YouTube Music for the Web could soon be implementing one of the most likable features for its users — the ability to have offline downloads.

While the YouTube Music app for iOS and Android devices already supports the offline download feature like most other music streaming services, this was long overdue for the web version. Since it doesn’t have a native app for the desktop, unlike Spotify and Amazon Music.

However, the latest findings from 9to5Google imply that YouTube might be testing the feature for some. Turning off the internet and opening the YouTube Music site in Google Chrome on the desktop showed the new “Downloads” tab, notes 9to5.

The new tab is found between the library and uploads section in the YouTube Music web version. Alongside, a new text, which describes, “Music and podcasts you download will appear here.” The page also provides a “download settings” option to help users clear all offline downloads whenever required.

The interface and process should likely work very similarly to what we have seen on the regular YouTube web version, as it also allows users to download content offline.

9to5 indicates the initial spotting of the yet-to-be-announced feature still needs to be determined, and some Reddit users were also able to find the aforementioned offline YouTube Music website; however, some indicate the ability to download still needs to be functional despite being able to see the option — same is the case with 9to5 findings as well. It means the expected feature is still in the works and that it could be a bug or part of an A/B testing from YouTube.

If you are a YouTube Music user, this would be a welcome addition whenever it rolls out. One can keep their offline download collection separate, featuring different content on their phones and desktops. 

Lastly, as 9to5 points out, regardless of the feature rollout, users should be subscribed to YouTube Music Premium to take full advantage of offline downloads whenever it rolls out to YouTube Music.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
News Writer

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