Signal will stop supporting SMS texts on Android devices for security

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What you need to know

  • Signal will soon no longer support SMS messages.
  • While the change will happen soon, Signal says this shift is done to ensure its users’ messages always remain private and secure when sent to others.
  • Users should begin seeing notifications from Signal about it no longer supporting SMS and how to export old SMS messages if a user chooses.

Signal has announced plans to stop supporting SMS messages on Android.

According to Signal’s official blog post, the messaging platform will begin to shift away from SMS support on its platform. Signal sees this as a way to bring about a more “streamlined experience” within its app for Android users as it moves forward.

The company does clarify that it dropping its SMS support will only affect those who use Signal as its default SMS messaging application. When the time comes that the app no longer supports SMS, those who have not found a new app that supports this messaging type will have to do so. However, Signal does explain that if you’d like to keep those messages you will have the option to export those old SMS texts into another app that supports it.

The messaging platform explains that while you don’t have to export those old SMS messages just yet, the app will begin to offer notifications to let you know when the walls are closing in on its SMS support. When that time comes, which should begin quite soon, the Signal app will guide you through the process of exporting those old messages if you wish and will even assist you in picking a new app that supports SMS.

Signal is one of the best Android messaging apps and is quite known for its privacy and security. This app offers end-to-end encryption for all of the messages that you send while remaining free on the Play Store. On the basis of security and privacy are why Signal is moving away from supporting SMS texts. Signal states that it will begin “prioritizing security and privacy, ensuring people aren’t hit with unexpected messaging bills, and creating a clear and intelligible user experience for anyone sending messages on Signal.” It goes on to mention how insecure SMS messages are and that they have the potential to leak your data.

Signal’s second reason for dropping SMS support is to ensure its users aren’t hit with unexpected high messaging fees. According to Signal, users texting through its app, not knowing they were sending SMS messages, were hit with striking fees for doing so. Lastly, dropping its SMS support allows Signal to clearly communicate its theme of private and secure texts.

Within the user interface of Signal comes the duality of trying to display both SMS messages and its own secure texts. Dropping its support of SMS will ensure that users of Signal can avoid any misunderstandings of what is a secure message and what is an SMS text.

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